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“This Is The Perfect Opportunity For You To SKYROCKET Your CPA Income”
Our Thoroughly Tested And Proven Strategy Generates $60-$100 In CPA Profits Per Day With Each Small Campaign
It’s time you start using a real method that drives high quality targeted traffic with low cost Bing Ads

This Is All You Need To Get Started
30 minutes. That’s all it takes to get up one campaign. You will need even less time once you get the hang of things.
$10. Bing Ads is super cheap when used properly. All you need is $10 to launch a campaign the way we teach. Once you get profiting, you can reinvest and scale up as high as you desire!
The ability to follow simple instructions. We break down every single step as simple as possible so you will have no problem at all following along.
As long as you meet these 3 simple requirements, you are ready to start producing consistent big CPA profits with our proven process.

Dear Fellow Marketer,
I know you are sick and tired of being tricked into buying hyped up CPA courses that do nothing to help you achieve your goals. What many of these marketers do is recreate old courses and simply slap their name on it. Some even completely make things up and call it “innovative” or “revolutionary” and use income proof from their IM list commissions to try to convince you.
You fall for it every time, and I can’t blame you because their promises of life changing income are intended to appeal to your emotions. However, it is time for all of this nonsense to stop.
Trust The Experts In The Trenches
Everything we teach is based on experience and real results
We are not your average fly-by marketers who take your money and run. You have had enough of that.
We have been around for years and have built a great reputation in the CPA marketing world as excellent marketers AND teachers. Our courses have created countless success stories while being praised and recommended by some of the most respected marketers in the business.
Everything we put out is thoroughly tested as we make sure anybody can easily follow along our systems to achieve the same results as us. You can be confident that anything you learn from us can be implemented with great success if you just follow our instructions.
CPA Profit Machines Is The Premier Course On How We Profit $60-$100 Per Day Using Powerful Low Cost Bing Ads

Inside of CPA Profit Machines, you will learn:
How to set up little passive profit campaigns that bring in $10-$60 per day PER CAMPAIGN and how to set up an unlimited amount
All the tools you need to make this system work and bring in $100-$400 per day in total profits while working under 30 minutes per day
The secret tool we use to ethically duplicate winning keywords of our most profitable competition
Our powerful method to force Bing Ads to deliver tier 1 buyer clicks as cheap as 5 cents
How to remove failing keywords and replace with winners to ensure a positive return on investment EVERY TIME
How to set up super high converting landing pages in just 3 minutes! Yes, you can direct link to CPA offers with our strategy and we teach you how to do it properly. However, we do recommend you use a landing page for best results. The way we do it is fast, effective, and well worth the time.
Our precise strategy to pick a lucrative CPA offer to promote. Most courses will simply tell you to use oDigger or Offer Vault while claiming they are “secret sources.” We show you the exact formula to pick a winning CPA offer that has proven itself time and time again.
The powerful tracking tool we use to maximize profits on every campaign. There are no technical skills required and it is dead simple to set up. If you are serious about CPA marketing, you definitely want this tool in your corner. It tracks pretty much every metric imaginable and makes it so easy to turn a losing campaign profitable, or boost ROI on an already winning campaign.
Campaign analysis and optimization. We teach how to easily identify anything you need to adjust within your campaign and how to make those adjustments to skyrocket your profits!

Video 1: Web Hosting and Necessary Pages
Video 2: Bing Setup
Video 3: Landing Page Tools
Video 4: Picking a CPA Network
Video 5: AEA Tools and Funnel Flux

Video 6: Picking An Offer
Video 7: Keyword Research
Video 8: Ad Copy Research
Video 9: Landing Page Setup
Video 10: Campaign Tracking Setup
Video 11: Campaign Setup

Video 12: Campaign Analysis and Optimization
Video 13: Conclusion

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