The Internet connects you with people all over the world. But how do you know if you’re reaching the right people? And how do you know if your message is being heard?
Simple. Use Google Analytics.
After taking this course you’ll quickly gain all the skills you need to be a Google Analytics power user.
Google Analytics for Beginners takes you through all the reports found in your Google Analytics account. We’ll dive in deep, as I explain each of the reports in detail and show you exactly how to use the information they contain to grow your business online.
This course follows a step-by-step process, using screencasts of an actual live Google Analytics account, so you can follow along in your own account. There are no long-winded lectures or boring Power Point presentations. Each lesson is simple and to the point.
What you will learn:
Who – your customers are including their demographics, interests and what type of devices they use.
What – they’ve looked at on your site and what they purchased (or didn’t).
When – their first visit was and when they came back.
Where – they are from and what languages they speak.
How – they got to your website (social media, referred from another website, or Google search)

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