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A 5-Part Online Training and Coaching Program to Help You Create and Distribute High-Quality Content That Gets You More Customers

The Opportunity to Make Money with Content Marketing Is Huge…Or Is It?
Bloggers, content marketing gurus and the statistics they share might lead you to believe that all it takes is an idea, a blog and a few social media channels and you’ll be enjoying a list of 20,000 buyers with cash rolling in weekly.

When you invest in my Content Crash Course, here’s what you’ll receive:
1. My 5-Step Content Crash Course Online Training System Which Includes:

Step 1: The 5 Golden Rules of Content That Connects & Converts
You’ll discover the secrets to creating content that 1) attracts the right audience, 2) connects with your prospects, 3) converts them to customers and 4) delivers tremendous value and impact.
In this step, you’ll discover:
The 3 key elements to being clear with your content strategy. Skip these and you run the risk of confusing your audience . . . and we all know that a confused mind doesn’t buy.
How to produce the all-important “results in advance” that turn new readers into your biggest fans.
How to create content that makes your audience click through—no matter how much other “noise” is around. Here’s a little tough love from me, but it’s true: If your content isn’t relevant, no one is going to read it.
Discover how to work with the human brain—instead of struggling against it—to open your students to discovery and make them more likely to take action—fast.

Step 2: How to Get—and Keep—Your Audience’s Attention
I’ll unlock the keys to understanding exactly how people really consume information so you can work the big levers that drive them to pay for content—as well as your products and services.
In this step, you’ll discover:
Exactly how to bridge the gap between content and revenue (and it can feel like a big one!) with my 5-part formula for building readers into customers. (This is what so many bloggers—including even the pros—are missing.)
7 powerful ways to grab attention in a noisy, noisy world, as well as…
How to turn that attention into action so you have an audience who wants to pay you for what you know.
How to turn zero likes, zero comments and zero shares into a flurry of activity with 6 simple tools you can use right now.

Step 3: Your Signature Talk
My business really took off once I discovered my core story and signature talk. I’ll show you how to position yourself as a leading expert in your field and attract speaking, media and publishing opportunities—and how to convert your audience into paying customers.
In this step, you’ll discover:
How to leverage the elements that every Signature Talk must have so you have your audience in the palm of your hand, instead of speaking to an audience that’s totally tuned out.
I’ll show you how understanding the two key parts of your talk will prevent you from falling flat—and keep you from turning your audience 100% against you. (I’ve seen it happen, and it’s not pretty!)
How to improve your presentation skills—and successfully pitch your products and services from stage—to become an in-demand speaker and open up a new source of revenue.
Engage your audience quickly, easily and effectively with my 3×5 formula. It takes all the guesswork out of creating an effective presentation.

Step 4: The “How-To”—3 Steps for Creating Quality Content That Sells
So many programs only focus on the “why,” but I will also give you the “how” when it comes to content curation, structure and production. In short, I’ll show you all the nuts and bolts you need to become a content master ASAP.
In this step, you’ll discover:
How to leverage third-party research, your network and the myriad resources available so you don’t have to create all of your content on your own. Leverage what’s there—and get great results. I’ll show you how!
How to harness the potential that every communication has to transform a person’s life. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give and receive, and I’ll show you the secrets behind it.
How to leave your audience wanting more so they return to you over and over again for more solutions of higher and higher value. (And how not to “fill them up” with too much information in a free blog post and never see them again!)
Exactly what resources you need to create a content-producing machine that works on autopilot, including contractor resources, equipment and an inside tour of my webcasting setup. It took me a couple of years to get this right, and I’ll share it all with you in barely an hour!

Step 5: Content Distribution
What good is all your content if no one ever sees it? In this step, I’ll show you how to 1) uncover new content distribution channels (paid and free), 2) maximize the 3 types of media and 3) optimize your content so it’s seen by the highest number of people possible within your target market.
In this step, you’ll discover:
The 3 types of media. Treat them all the same at your own risk! I’ll share my specific, easy-to-implement strategies for content distribution in each of these mediums.
The 3 ways to get your content seen, read or heard. (All you need is 3!) I’ll show you how to use these levers to capture attention and convert new qualified leads to your business. You’ll save TONS of time over the trial-and-error method.
How to measure your return on investment (ROI). Your money—and your time—are the most valuable resources you have. I’ll show you the smart way to evaluate how you’re spending both so you get the biggest bang for your investments.

2. Access to the Content Crash Course Online Community
In addition to my online training course, access to the Content Crash Course also comes with access to my online Content Masters community. Many people consider access to my online community to be one of the most valuable parts of their investment. As soon as we confirm your investment, we’ll approve your entrance to the group.
When you join, you’ll:
Meet like-minded entrepreneurs from around the globe who are implementing the same strategies you’ll be working on. Some of the members are content newbies, some have been in the trenches already and others are content masters sharing their “what’s working now” strategies as they implement. Either way, they’ll act as your instant “network” of creators, entrepreneurs and business owners to offer support along the way. (And remember, you get what you give! My community loves to share, and I hope you do, too.)
Get feedback on your ideas from the community (and sometimes, directly from me!). Post your content ideas, your headlines, even your blogs and ask for feedback. You’ll get valuable experience from a variety of viewpoints, which will help you home in on your final version much more quickly. You can also ask for input as you complete the exercises within the training course to give you a “double check” that you’re on the right track.
Stay motivated and inspired as you create, implement and maximize your content strategy by keeping company with action-taking entrepreneurs and business owners. Feeling confused? Need a little boost? The community is there for you and, when you hit your own milestones, they’ll be there to celebrate with you.

3. Live Virtual Master Class Sessions with Pam
Plus, when you enroll today, you’ll get personal coaching from me via group video sessions. As you go through the training, you’ll naturally have questions about how to apply my strategies to your business. I’ll hold a series of 5 virtual master class sessions to share some additional distinctions and take YOUR questions throughout the program. PLUS, you can share content ideas, names, distribution strategies, content structures—and I’ll help you make them better.
This series will start the week of January 25th, so enroll now to take advantage of this opportunity for time with me!

Plus, You’ll Also Receive This Incredible Bonus Package:
Bonus #1: Pam’s 4 Content Black Books
These personal Black Books are the backbone for running my business—and those of my high-level corporate and celebrity clients, too. In each Black Book, you’ll find easy-to-use, actionable strategies, tools and go-to resources to help you maximize your content marketing results in four areas:
1. Webinars – Webinars are one of the most versatile platforms out there for delivering content and converting your audience to customers. I’ll show you how to impress your audience and avoid many of the common mistakes that trip people up—and put a damper on sales.
2. Webcasts – I’ve discovered these to live presentations to be one of the most powerful sales tools out there. I’ll show you exactly why—and how to make webcasts work for you, from A-Z.
3. Blogs – Discover how to create a consistent, robust blog without breaking the bank—or working yourself to the bone. Plus, I’ll show you how to actually get results for all your work!
4. Books – Build your platform, boost your authority and harness the power of Amazon with my proven system.
My Black Books will help you stop reinventing the wheel and empower you to get fast results with my hard-won and proven materials. Plus, you’ll receive these in easy, downloadable PDF format to take them anywhere with you.

Bonus #2: The 12 Laws of Copy That Converts
One of the most common requests I receive is for copywriting strategies—and it’s such a smart request. Good marketing and sales copywriting drives the revenue of your business, no question. (And bad copywriting will leave your bank account empty.) In this bonus, I’ll share with you my personal experience on what converts and what doesn’t to help you turn more of your audience into customers.

Bonus #3: The 12 Laws of Effective Design
It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression—both about a person and about your content. Good design means the difference between content that gets eyeballed and ignored and content that gets devoured—and acted upon. In this bonus, I’ll show you the secrets I’ve learned from 20+ years of creating content that gets attention, and how to avoid the mistakes that will doom your content to obscurity.

Bonus #4: 2 Tickets to Our Annual Live Event (March 17-19, 2016, San Diego)
Your system includes two tuition waivers to my annual event, Make Market Launch IT, which will be held on March 17-19, 2016 in beautiful San Diego, California. All we ask is that you pay a $97 materials and registration fee per seat to cover our costs.
We’ve created a cutting-edge program consisting of three days of business-building distinctions based on what’s working right now in product creation, content production and marketing. Join us for three dynamic days to discover how to create a wildly successful business out of that special thing you do better than anyone else.
Who knows who you’ll meet—your next JV partner, your next accountability partner, a new mentor, your next client or a new friend who really “gets” what you’re going through as an entrepreneur? We’ll have plenty of ways to connect with your fellow attendees during the event. And all you have to do is pay a small materials fee to join us!