Colin Theriot - Salesletter Template Tutorial

Want to learn how to write an awesome sales letter? Want to learn how to take an existing sales letter and make it better? Of course you do. That’s why you’re in my Cult (I think).

I have a template for that. It’s a mind map. It’s big, but it’s thorough.
It’s the exact same one I use to write new copy ($10,000 minimum to write) and it’s the same one I use to review other people’s copy ($500 minimum to read).

I taught this mindmap as a webinar last year exclusively for this group, and recorded it for attendees. However, it’s proven very popular, and people ask me if they can get the recordings all the time. Fortunately, the answer is now “YES!”

However, as much as I freely share here, *this* stuff ain’t free. This is my bread and butter. But I love that you guys have decided to be a part of my Cult, so I’ll make you a deal.

No sales copy to sell you, no OTO, no *195 or *197 pricing. When people ask, I normally charge an even $200. However, right now, because I feel like it, you can get it for only $150. This is the cheapest I will ever sell this recording for again. (If you’ve bought from me before, you know I don’t lie about that.

Name Product: Colin Theriot – Salesletter Template Tutorial
Market price: $150
Author: Colin Theriot
Size: 76 MB

Colin_Theriot_-_Salesletter_Template_Tutorial.rar – 73.9 MB
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