Clayton Makepeace – Quick-Start Copywriting System
38-year master copywriter CLAYTON MAKEPEACE – named “World’s Highest Paid Copywriter” and “Copywriter of the Year” by the prestigious American Writers and Artists Inc. – invites you to …
“Unlock the copywriting secrets I use to turn
small direct marketing companies into goliaths
… and ordinary copywriters into legends!”
These strategies and tactics have generated nearly $1.5 billion in sales for Clayton’s clients …
And have earned him royalties of $300,000 … $600,000 … up to $1.4 million PER MONTH …
Now you can unleash the power of these world-class, sales-exploding secrets in your own home or business and multiply your income in record time!

What´s YOUR Heart´s Desire?
Maybe your tastes aren’t as big as Clayton´s.
Maybe you´d be happy just not having to stress about money and be able to take an extra vacation each year.
Maybe you´re somewhere in the middle. Whatever your heart´s desire, this secret can help you have it.

What is this secret?
Writing “dominant resident emotion” copy.
Almost nobody in this industry talks about this. And it´s the secret Clayton´s been using for just over 40 years to create bigger winners, more often.
It´s highly-effective because as humans, we buy on emotion first, and rationalize with logic, second. And the kind of copy Clayton writes, taps deep into this emotion, compelling prospects to take action immediately.
In fact, it´s dominant resident emotion copy that he’s taught to his Copy Cubs. Not surprisingly, they went on to taste the freedom and lifestyle writing this kind of copy can provide, faster than is typical.

Name Product: Clayton Makepeace – Quick-Start Copywriting System
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Author: Clayton Makepeace
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