CJ Lyons Joanna Penn- How To Find Readers Market Your Book

What you will learn in this course:
The prerequisites you need to have in place before you start marketing
Author brandingWhy authors need to know about marketing, and not leave it to publishers or other professionals
Should you start marketing before you have a book ready?
The pros and cons of ongoing marketing vs a launch process
Why understanding yourself is critical to deciding what marketing tactics to use
How to understand where your book fits and how that affects marketing decisions
How physical book signings work for marketing
How to decide on your author brand and why it’s important, with examples using big name authors
What is an author platform anyway?
How to start marketing without a ‘platform’
How using the right metadata on your book sales pages can affect your sales and ranking
Prophecy Joanna Penn next to Lee Child
Prophecy with Lee Child on the Action Adventure Bestseller List
How to help your book sell itself through effective copywriting on your Amazon or other booksite page
Using pricing as a marketing tool, as well as a case study with KDP Select
The importance of book reviews and how to get them
Is it worth using paid advertising and which are the best services?
Is it worth hiring a publicist?
Is traditional media worth pursuing?
Author on Channel 9 TV
Joanna Penn at the Channel 9 studios, Brisbane, Australia
Tips for radio, TV and press releases
What can you learn from Amazon bestsellers who didn’t have an online presence?
How to find readers online and connect with them effectively
The importance of ‘know, like, trust’ and authenticity for online marketing
The most important parts of your author website and how to build it
How to use audio and video for book marketing, including book trailers
A breakdown of a book launch including timelines and lessons learned
How to use Goodreads and giveaways
Marketing tips for real-life offline networkinsocial networking for authorsg
How to build an email list
How to use Twitter effectively
How to use blogging for content marketing
What’s the most effective use of your time

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