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98.4% OFF All The Programs You Need For A Wildly Successful Coaching Business In 2016…

If you’d like to fill your business with enough clients in January to last you all year long, you’re going to absolutely LOVE this…
Why I’m Giving You All My Coaching Business Building Secrets *Almost* Free…
2015 has been my Best Year Ever (Again!). My company was named one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. 5000. We’re on track to gross just under $4 Million dollars (Yay!!). And, I feel totally abundant and grateful for every cent…
…Which kind of got me thinking of what it was like just a few short years ago when I started as a coach.
Back then no one had heard of me. I struggled to sign up clients, because I didn’t have a system for it. I was doing a lot of random marketing activities, because I didn’t know what would actually work. And, worst of all, I wasn’t feeling abundant or grateful for what I did have. I was in a real rut.
In fact, at one point I even thought of quitting to become a garbage man, just to avoid the stress & embarrassment of putting all my energy into coaching (my dream!) and the whole thing not working out.
My business runs like a well-oiled machine. I have an entire team that follows the programs & systems I created over the years. Now, I want to share them with you.
That’s why you’re reading this letter right now.
Because, I want to help you achieve almost instantly what it took me years of trial and error to figure out and achieve so you can be the MASSIVE SUCCESS you know you want to be and are capable of.
When you’re starting out, it can seem hard. All of the programs available out there that can help you grow your business are at least $2,000 – $5,000… if not more.
And maybe that gets you thinking ‘wow – if I had the money, I would love to buy those trainings, but I need to make money first…’ And you end up in a chicken and egg situation.
Well, not anymore! Because your egg’s about to hatch! ?
I’ve compiled my best of the best for an ‘easy to implement, step-by-step’ collection to get rocking with all the coaching clients you need and then expand from there.
I know from experience that if I give out this kind of comprehensive training completely free, most people just won’t use it, so…
…I’m doing the next best thing. I’m giving you a whopping 98.4% OFF…
This Is For You If You’re A Coach And…

You’ve been wanting rapid growth, but you haven’t had the money to invest in the programs that will help you make money…
You want to cut the learning curve & get clients BEFORE the New Year even starts (yes, that is possible!)…
You want to start the New Year with a BANG and fill up your coaching practice in January with enough clients to last you all year long…
You want to take all the guess-work and struggle out of trying to figure out how to get clients, by having a solid plan that lets you know EXACTLY what to do every day moving forward AND…
You’re ready to get started right now.

Everything You Need To Attract Clients And Make More Money As A Coach Than You Ever Dreamed Possible…

Introducing The Massive Success Collection!
As a way to celebrate my BIGGEST multi-million dollar year so far, and being named one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc. 5000 list, I’m making you the most generous (and outrageous) offer in the history of coaching.
When you accept this offer, you’re getting all of my business building secrets at a 98.4% discount – it’s the same collection of trainings that are sold for $31,000!
But when you accept this offer, your investment won’t be anywhere near that.
All you have to do is meet me a tiny fraction of the way.
Here’s what’s included…

1 | Client Attraction And Money Making Mastery
This is the CORE of everything I teach in terms of business growth. It includes…

How to drive people CRAZY wanting Intro Sessions With You.
How to grow your email list from scratch.
Pre-written, proven marketing templates you can copy and paste.
The marketing materials you need & the ones that are a waste of time… and exactly what to write in you emails, on your website, business cards etc.
And much, much more…

This is a $5,000 program. I’ve never sold this program for $500 and you’re going to get it and the rest of The Massive Success Collection for even less!
Value: $5,000

2 | The Free Sessions That Sell SCRIPT
What’s the point in knowing how to grow your email list and get people into Introductory Coaching sessions… if they don’t convert?
I have my #1 best-selling online program: Free Sessions That Sell that’s an in-depth training on this subject. This program is a $5,000 program.
Truth is, you can start signing up clients tomorrow just with the script (many people do).
This $5,000 Script is yours FREE when you take me up on The Massive Success Collection today.
Value: $5,000

3 | The Coach’s Business Plan Tool Kit: Write The Plan For Your 6 Or 7 Figure Dream Coaching Business
This is the Blueprint you’ve always been looking for. This shows you all the areas of focus in your business to grow it from zero to six figures and beyond.
In the powerful training, you will…

Create a step-by-step plan for marketing your business and getting great clients this month and over the long term.
Create a specific action plan, so you know exactly what you should be doing in your coaching business every day.
Plan out your entire long term successful products line from free products all the way up to high end “platinum” products that cost $10K or more.

Value: $500

4 | Group Coaching Goldmine: How To Double or Triple Your Income With Group Coaching, Tele-Classes, Tele-courses, & Webinars
Concerned you might end up with ‘too many clients’ when you implement our crazy-effective strategies…?
No problem, with this training, you’ll discover how to run a long-term Group Coaching program so you can dramatically increase your income (while actually charging LESS).
In this program, you’ll discover…

How to make more money per hour while you actually charge LESS.
How you can get more clients by enrolling them into group coaching, without talking higher-value prospects out of your 1-1 coaching.
How to effectively lead group coaching programs, tele-classes, tele-courses and webinars and re-purpose them as information products.
Value: $1000

5 | Dreams To Destiny: Make Your Coaching Business Dreams Inevitable – Look Back in 12 Months At The Most Fulfilling, Rewarding, Exciting, & Financially Lucrative Year of Your LIFE…
This is the Perfect program to make the success of your coaching business totally inevitable in 2016.
With this program, you will…

Make the results you most desire an absolute certainty – eliminate self-doubts, lack of clarity, and create a clear focused direction, ation plan, and support system.
Discover why most people fall short of the true results they long for & are capable of and what you need to do about it.
Plan out your entire long term successful products line from free products all the way up to high end “platinum” products that cost $10K or more.
Value: $500

6 | Clients, Cash, Contribution & Collaboration
In this powerful 12-part training, you’ll discover…

Secrets to automate your marketing so you consistently fill your ‘intro session’ funnel with high-end prospective coaching clients.
How to contribute to your tribe at such a high level, that you can’t stop the flood of ‘thank you’ emails and social media posts that come even as your business cash-flow increases month after month.
Learn how to collaborate with the ‘big names’ in your field.
And much, much more…
Value: $5000

8 | Deep Impact: How to Turn The Growth of Your Business Into A Movement
With this program, you will discover how to…
Generate “buzz” for your coaching business as your work is no longer just about getting clients, it becomes a “movement”.
Create a far more rewarding business. You’ll enjoy it more because you’ll get more emails, phones calls, and notes of adoration, because you’ll be making a bigger difference to a lot more people.
Dramatically increase your confidence and ability to make a measurable difference in your client’s lives on a much more consistent basis.
Value: $500

9 | Confident Coach: Skyrocket Your Confidence As A Coach, To Get More Clients, Help Them Better & Make More Money
In this powerful 2-part program, you will discover…
Understand what confidence is, where it comes from and what extreme confidence can do for your coaching business.
Finally get over the “need to be perfect” to be a coach (rich, married, thin, & no problems at all – is an unreasonable standard we coaches tend to measure ourselves by).
Value: $500

10 | Perfect Niche: How to Find the Perfect Niche Market Match For You
In this powerful program, you will discover…
How to think about your target market.
How to overcome the biggest challenges people face picking a niche.
How you sometimes need to “mess up” what you have so that you can get what you want.
Value: $500

11 | Enemies Into Allies: Defuse the Most Negative People in Your Life and Turn Them Into Powerful Supports
This program shows you how to…

Eliminate “defensiveness” to comments and criticisms that people make about you and your dreams, so that you can be calm and rational when discussing what they’re telling you.
Request help from the people who are hampering your success. Doing this will squelch their fears & take the wind out of their negativity.
Value: $500

12 | Free Your Time Free Your Life: The TIme Abundance Program
Most ‘time management’ programs don’t give you more ‘free time’. This program is different. It will transform your relationship with time altogether.
In this powerful 7-module program, you’ll discover…
How to free your mind of time scarcity, so “not enough time” never becomes an issue for you ever again.
How to develop patient time-lines so you have plenty of time & space to make your biggest goals become an inevitable reality AND you enjoy the process a whole lot more.
How to set your life up so that you LOVE everything you so (imagine that!).
Value: $1000

To make sure you get the personal support you need to makes 2016 a wildly massive success, you’re getting a fully loaded…
Massive Business Growth Coaching Session
Work closely with one of my hand-picked, personally trained coaches to…
Look at what’s going on in your business right now & find the low hanging fruit for immediate income.
Find the holes in your business that are losing you clients and money.
Fine tune your niche/target market so you can reach more and more people.
Create a high level action plan, so you know what the most important priorities are every day to cause fast, massive growth in 2016.
Experience new energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for what’s possible in your business – starting right now.

Value: $500

2 Tickets to…
The Get Clients Today Summit: Discover The Latest Strategies & Secrets For Getting More Clients, Faster and Easier Than Ever Before…
GET CLIENTS TODAY is all about… you guessed it… getting clients!
And, a lot of people get clients live during the event – it’s actually become a funny inside joke between my team and me, because you could actually “Get Clients Today” every day of the event.
Plus, I’m going to let you bring a guest absolutely free.
At this powerful, 4-day live event, February 3-6, 2016 you will…

Do live client sign-ups with practice buddies at the event.
Get feedback and suggestions to make your enrollment conversations more powerful.
Watch live demos of me signing up clients live on stage.
Release your biggest fears about selling, asking for money, and closing sales
Raise your confidence and certainty that you can help your clients get real world results that are worth double to 10X what they’re paying.
Expand your money mindset to raise your fees, attract higher paying clients, and generate 5 to 10 times more income in your business than ever before.
Discover the best, fastest, and easiest ways to find clients, grow your email list, set up a waiting list, and never be wanting for clients again.

Where: San Diego, California, USA
When: February 3-6, 2016
Value: $5,000 X 2 tickets: $10,000
The Massive Success Collection
Total Value: $31,000.00

PRICE: You can get this course with only $57
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