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Fill Your Life Now With Massive Abundance Of Wealth, Love, Health, Success & Happiness With These New Cutting Edge Tools…

If there’s any area of your life you’re not happy with right now…
If you’re single and lonely
If you’re out of shape
If you have aches and pains in your body
If you’re worrying about money
If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and like you never have enough time
If you wish you had more friends and higher quality friends…

I’ve been there, and it hasn’t always been easy…
As a kid, I wished that we could win the lottery or somehow we would get more money. My parents fought all the time. A lot of times, it was all about money. Then they got divorced, and things got even worse. In fact, we ended up on welfare, and I was wearing hand me down clothes that were way out of style. It was a pretty tough life growing up, even more so after the divorce. I remember feeling like, “Man, you know, if we didn’t have all these money problems, then my parents wouldn’t fight,” or, “If we just didn’t have these money problems, somehow, money would then solve all of our problems.”
I also dated off and on for 4 years before I met my wife. Nothing was clicking with any of them, and I had lots of shame around being single. Then I got into a great relationship and married my amazing wife once I discovered the tools of abundance. We’ve been together for around 12 years now and have three awesome daughters. I’ve made friends with amazing people, and I’ve received massive amounts of wealth abundance, as well. My health has gotten better. Everything in life, all of the good stuff, that you’d love to have right now are all available to you. I believe that you can heal and release any blocks to love, health, wealth, success, and happiness.
If a part of you knows that you’re destined for greatness, it’s true. But something’s been holding yourself back, let us help you let that go. Trust yourself. Let your Highest Self guide you to make the decision that’s in alignment with your highest good.
If you’re just ready for a big, positive change in your life, then I urge you to work with me inside this incredible program…
The Instant Miracle Abundance program is based on the tools of Abundance that I’ve developed over the last 15 years that have increased my love, wealth, time, happiness & success. And I’ve used them to help clients all over the world experience massive abundance & success in their lives. In fact, the results have been nothing short of miraculous.
Now we’ve put them together into a powerful program to help you achieve anything you want in your life.
Your success is inevitable when you take action & work on your “inner game” using the tools & breakthrough techniques in this program.

Module 1
The Instant Success Formula
If you want to attract abundance in all areas of life, here are the key concepts & insights for creating success. In this session, you’ll discover the “3 Squeezes” and the myriad of ways we sabotage ourselves, and how to transcend them. The biggest shifts that create the most success can happen in a moment – the moment you make the decision to live from your Highest Self & Infinite potential, and work through your inner-game ‘stuff’ using this formula.

Module 2
Miraculous Health
What if you could be free from aches & pains and didn’t have to ‘tolerate’ physical discomforts any more? The most shocking thing about our Personal Breakthrough Techniques is the amazing affect they’ve had on people’s health. From fibromyalgia to life-long migraine cures to improved sight & hearing, the unexpected results are astonishing. You’ll see people heal on-the-spot through the power of their own minds & our energy healing techniques.

Module 3
Infinite Love
You are loved. Deeply loved. When you discover how to access the infinite source of love within you, it transforms all your relationships. In this session, you’ll heal from past heart-breaks, open your heart to love, light & understanding and develop the courage to love bravely again. If you’re already in a loving relationship, you can expect that sacred bond to deepen & strengthen.

Module 4
More Money Miracles
Money is the most misunderstood substance in the world. When understood & embraced for what it is, it can be a tool to create the life of your dreams… When misunderstood it seems like the source of major conflict, scarcity & poverty. This session shows you how to think about & focus on money in a way that makes you manifest a total abundance of it.

Module 5
The Secrets Of Happiness
Ultimately everything we do is for happiness. But you don’t need to have a perfect life to be happy. You need to be happy to manifest your most perfect life. This session goes deep into the specific techniques you’ll use instantly… And keep using for the rest of your life, to let go of all the inner blocks to happiness & contentment.

Module 6
Time Freedom Formula
Time is even more valuable than money. You can make money back, but you never get your time back. The main reason we’re often left stressed, overwhelmed, rushed & hurried is that we have a dysfunctional relationship with time & the present moment. This session will create a complete shift in the way you relate to time.

BONUS #1: The Instant MiracleTM Experience LIVE EVENT
A super-special bonus for people who join today is the opportunity to spend 3 days, live in person with me immersing yourself in the Instant Miracle Energy.
The biggest difference between attending live & going through the online training is like the difference between court-side, VIP seating at a Basketball game… versus having the video recording of the same game.
Both can be exciting… But one of those experiences will be unforgettable.
Tickets for Instant Miracle Experience are $2,000. But, just during this special launch, we are gifting you 2 tickets as a special bonus for joining the Instant Miracle Abundance Program today.
VALUE:  $4,000.00 (Two $2,000.00 Tickets)

BONUS #2: Free Your Time, Free Your Life: The Time Abundance Program
Most ‘time management’ programs don’t actually give you more ‘free time’. This program is different. It will transform your relationship with time altogether.
In this powerful seven module program, you’ll discover…
How to free your mind of time scarcity, so “not enough time” is never an issue for you again
How to develop patient time-lines so you have plenty of time & space to make your biggest goals become an inevitable reality AND you enjoy the process a whole lot more
How to set your life up so that you LOVE everything you do (imagine that!)
VALUE: $1,000.00

BONUS #3: The More Money Program: How to Get More Money, Save More Money, Spend More Money, Give More and Live More
How to Get More Money, Save More Money, Spend More Money, Give More and Live More… Starting Right Now
In this special 3-part powerful audio training, you will…
Turn yourself into a money attracting magnet
Uncover your unconscious financial “blueprint”/money patterns, so that you can resolve them once and for all
Discover the underlying factors that keep you weak, small, and powerless… so that you can release them and unleash the huge, strong, and powerful person you were born to be
VALUE: $1,000.00

BONUS #4: Unleash Your Abundance Coaching and Healing Calls
When you register today for the Instant MiracleTM Abundance Program, you’re going to get 3 exclusive coaching calls with me and my coach, Sarah. These powerful 90-minute calls are designed to help unleash your inner abundance in every area of your life, plus you will…
Uncover your biggest challenges keeping you from all the love, money, health, wealth, and happiness you want to attract into your life right now
Let go of all the heart-break, pain, sadness and hurt from past relationships so that you can call in the deep and meaning love relationships, friendships, and work relationships you desire
Release your biggest insecurities and self-sabotaging thoughts so you experience a higher level of “self-mastery” than you ever thought possible
And so much more…
VALUE: $1,000.00

PRICE: You can get this course with only $67
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