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Attention: Local Marketing Entrepreneurs Who Need More Clients!
This “Foot In The Door” Strategy Is Slapping You In The Face And You Don’t Even Realize It!
Let me show you exactly how to capitalize on it and fill your client pipeline to the brim!
Chris Beatty
Founder, Rapid Fire Media LLC
Dear Struggling Marketing Consultant,

You have a unique opportunity at this very moment to get a ton of new clients thanks to our friends at the “Big G” aka Google!
You see, they just caused one of the biggest “shifts” the LOCAL search results have seen in a loooooong time!
As a result, there are a lot of pissed off business owners.
And if you know anything about sales, when someone is in a heightened emotional state, it’s PRIME TIME for selling!

Here’s The Big “Shift” That Just Happened And How You Can Use It To Your Advantage!
If you’ve been doing local marketing for ANY Amount of time, you probably know all about “Google My Business” … “Google Maps” … “Google Places” … “Google Local” or whatever the heck they are calling it these days!
You know… THIS little thingy right here:

That little section of the Local search results is PRIME REAL ESTATE because it brings in LIVE PHONE CALLS by the boat load.
And business owners KNOW IT!
Being in the “7 Pack” is basically pure solid GOLD as far as a local businesses are concerned.
In addition to the phone calls they get, it’s also an “ego boost” to the businesses who are lucky enough to be listed in this section.
I mean, let’s face it! Everyone likes to have their ego stroked a little bit.

Ok, so you might be wondering “how the heck is this a new opportunity?”
Well… let’s take a look at that same search result for the term “Electrician San Jose CA”
Here’s what that same search looks like TODAY!

The 7 Pack Just Became The 3 Pack And THAT Means BIG OPPORTUNITY For YOU!
Yes, a whopping 57% of local business owners who WERE enjoying massive amounts of phone calls from the “local maps” section just got fed a nasty “Slappy Meal” by Google!

But this time… it had NOTHING to do with something the business owner or their “consultant” did to their website to try and “Game” the system!
Frankly, “The Big G” is a greedy corporate monster (God love em’) who wants to make as much money from Paid Ads as possible!
I mean, who could blame them for that?
THE BUSINESS OWNERS who are no longer listed… that’s who!
And they should be pissed off!
NOBODY clicks on the “more electricians” button under lucky business #3
So basically, business numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7 just got the shaft!
And business numbers 8 through 1,562 (or however many are not in the 3 Pack) are absolutely DROOLING like a dog with a T-Bone steak for the chance to be in those coveted three spots!

This is where you slap on your cape and come to the rescue!
“But Chris… I suck at sales and even with this amazing opportunity, there’s no way I can land these new clients”
Well, I thought you might say that!
And lucky for you.. I don’t suck at sales and I know exactly how you can close these clients.
You see, sales really isn’t hard if you know the right strings to pull and you know exactly how to craft a sales pitch that get’s business owners excited.

Done the right way… they’ll be CALLING YOU begging for your help!
Since we know that MOST business owners need the exact same thing, we can use that to our advantage!
Here’s what we know about local business owners!

All business owners want more qualified live phone calls coming into their business on a daily basis.
All business owners know exactly who their competition is and will do ANYTHING to be one step ahead of them!
All business owners HATE to be bothered by “marketing folks” like you and me and are very skeptical because they’ve been burned over and over!

Armed with that knowledge, we can practically “cherry pick” the clients we want to work with.

You see, I’ve been closing “local maps” clients for years now so this opportunity is nothing new to me!

The “3 Pack Update” just gave me another pain point and more “blood in the water” to use to my advantage!
Here’s How I Close “Local Maps” Clients In My Sleep And Why My Competition Is Struggling!
Where most people go wrong when trying to sell “MAPS” services to local businesses is they go too hard and “Salesy” out the gate.

It’s so much simpler if you give some value up front and then have a LOW TICKET offer that gets your foot in the door.
Listen, once you get a business to give you $1… your relationship changes on a fundamental level.
According to Marketing Metrics, you have a 70% probability of converting an EXISTING client into a recurring revenue service.
And… only a 5-20% chance of converting a NEW client into a recurring revenue service.
With that knowledge…
Why the heck would you spin your wheels trying to sell a high ticket recurring offer for MAPS services out of the gate to businesses who don’t have a relationship with you?
By doing that, you are CHOOSING to do business THE HARD WAY!
It’s fundamentally and statistically WRONG and I forbid you from doing it going forward.
So if you’re not supposed to offer them a recurring offer UP FRONT, what the heck do you offer them?

Your NUMBER 1 GOAL with a new customer is to provide a great customer experience.
Second, the offer MUST allow you to complete the service quickly and thoroughly!
And last, the offer MUST strategically position you as an expert in MAPS marketing!

Here’s the simple answer:
Local Listing Optimization Is Your Strategically Positioned Foot In The Door Offer!
By TEACHING them how to properly optimize their google local listing FOR FREE, you are instantly positioned as the authority!

Then, offering a simple “done for you” solution to take care of all the dirty work for them for a small one time fee, you are instantly positioned as the expert.
And it doesn’t require a “recurring commitment” which increases the amount of sales you make up front.
So is this “Local Listing Optimization” service really a thing…?
YES, straight from the mouth of Google
“40% of local businesses haven’t even “claimed” their local listing.”
And the majority of the other 60% have incomplete listings that are destroying their chance of ever ranking in the new “3 Pack”
So the incredible number of businesses who are just flat out doing it wrong, combined with this new 3 Pack Update is the PERFECT STORM for you to snatch up some clients.
Since there is so much GOLD waiting to be mined, I’ve decided to release…
MAPS Attack Pack is my proven lead generation and foot in the door funnel for MAPS prospects.
The sole purpose of this Done For You foot in the door funnel is to get a prospect to PAY YOU SOMETHING for local listing optimization.
You see…. through lots of tests I figured out a way to strategically pull at the “pain points” these businesses are dealing with on a daily basis.
Now, I simply implement this strategy every single time I want to bring in new customers into my business.
And this new 3 Pack update is making it even easier than it was before!
I mean, Google practically handed us 57% more prospects by eliminating them from the local listings on the first page….. cha ching :)
So it’s time for you to get a piece of that pie!
Sound Good?
Well…. For a limited time, I’ve decided to give you EVERYTHING!

Your MAPS Attack Pack Includes…
Your High Converting “MAPS Lead Magnet” –   The lead magnet educates your prospects on how to optimize their google local listing on their own and “Pre-Sells” them on hiring you to do it for them! Not only that, you are positioned as the expert because you get full private label rights and can slap your name on it as the author- $199 Value
Your Follow Up Emails – This is a series of 5 emails that educate your leads and promotes your Video Sales Letter (read below) just in case they don’t take you up on your offer the first time around! Each email is crafted to pull at all the “pain strings” these businesses are feeling. In sales, the fortune is in the follow up so these are critical!   – $175 Value
Your “LLO” Video Sales Letter – This VSL is our “Foot In The Door Offer” to get MAPS clients paying us. It’s all about Local Listing Optimization. Simply put, you’ll offer a done for you solution to complete / optimize their profile to increase their odds of being listed higher in the MAPS results. This is a ONE TIME payment offer designed to get you as many clients as possible. – $325 Value
Your Direct Response Sales Letter – For those who want to get a bigger bang for their buck and get better results, this is ABSOLUTE GOLD! It’s a direct response sales letter that can be mailed or emailed to prospects. It educates business owners about the new “3 Pack Update” AND gets them to pick up the phone and CALL YOU! – $325 Value

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