Chet Holmes – Business Growth Masters 3.0

Chet Holmes – Business Growth Masters 3.0. The entire program is produced on quality videotapes. There is a different tape for each key subject, so you can go over and over the appropriate sections and topics, privately or with your staff in intimate detail, as required. This program is indexed by title so you can easily access the exact segments and their specific content. For example: If you really need help on the sales process, you can go right to that module. Or if you really need help on time management, it s clearly marked, etc. Everything is spelled out and organized for ease of access. Here is a list of the 30 Training Videos:

1 Introduction 30 minutes
2A Creating Growth Thru Training 78 minutes
2B Creating Growth Thru Training 74 minutes
2C Creating Growth Thru Training Participants Share Insights and Plans 60 minutes
3 Strategy vs. Tactics The most important lessons a business owner should know 103 minutes
3A Strategy vs. Tactics and Core Story Samples 80 minutes
4 Strategy of Pre-eminence and Strategic Alliances 41 minutes
5A Strategies and Tactics to Get Clients (Tape A) PR Advertising Direct Mail Selling 80 minutes
5B Strategies and Tactics to Get Clients (Tape B) Direct Mail Brochures Internet 80 minutes
5C Strategies and Tactics to Get Clients (Tape C) Trade Shows and Events 80 minutes
6 Radio Advertising Dan O Day 80 minutes
7 Winning on the Internet David Dean 80 minutes
7A Digital Marketing and Training Bob Chesney 60 minutes
8 How To Hire Superstars 120 minutes
8A Uncut Interview of a Superstar 60 minutes
9 The Only 3 Ways To Grow Any Business 80 minutes
10 Contact Management Software 80 minutes
11 Six Steps To Time Management 43 minutes
12 How The Brain Works The Power of Goals 35 minutes
13 Effective Presenting and Using Visuals in all your Marketing. Headline Workshop 67 minutes
14 Headlines That Sell, Jay with Many Examples 52 minutes
15 Seven Steps To Every Sale: Mastering the Sales Process 46 minutes
16 Ten Follow-up Steps for Bonding with Clients 26 minutes
17 The Traits of Overachievers and Participant s Insights 48 minutes
18 Mastering the Telephone Getting to High Level Executives and Getting Past the Gatekeeper 100 minutes
19 12 Steps to Get an Appointment with Anyone and Participant s Insights 63 minutes
20 Insights from Trainers and Participants Discoveries 100 minutes
21 What Participants Learned, Plus More on Testing 105 minutes
22 Audience s Biggest Breakthroughs 83 minutes
23 52 Workshops on Improving Your Company 61 minutes

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