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Advertise On EVERY Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod TODAY!
Get Your Product before 1 Billion Buyers in 100 Countries with iAds!
What are Apple iAds?
iAd is Apple’s private advertising platform, used show ads on iPhone, iPad and iPods.
iAd can get your ads shown on more than 250,000 apps in over 100 countries and to almost 1 billion users.
In today’s fast paced world, you need to deliver your message quickly. iAds make it easy to get your product or service in front of people ready to buy!
You can get your first iAds campaign up and running the same day for as little as $10 per day.
Most Apple users have a credit card connected to their accounts, so you end up with very high quality traffic.
Apple sends prospects straight to your website, so you can build the ultimate customer base to market to whenever you want!
Apple built the iAd system from the ground up to allow marketers to reach their entire user base of almost 1 billion users.
If you’ve ever wanted to tap into Apple’s customer base, iAds are fastest, most direct and most effective way to reach them!
iAds allow you to target based on user interests, categories, country and location down to major metro areas. Apple actually does the heavy lifting for you-by using your interests and data from your device, they can do your targeting for you on autopilot.
Do Apple Users Spend Money?


Apple has high quality traffic that loves to products online.

Apple users spent nearly $500 million on apps and in app purchases in the first week of 2015 alone.
That’s a half billion dollars in just 7 days. Crazy, isn’t it?
Look at what CNN just said about the 2014 Black Friday:
Apple users outspend Android users on ‘Black Thursday’
“Apple iOS mobile users spent about 25% more than Android owners on their Turkey Day purchases, with an average of $118.57 per order compared to $95.25, according to the most recent data from IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark.”

This is massive spending power-and you can get a piece of the action with Apple iAds!
Can iAds Boost Your Bottom Line?
With almost a billion users, better sales figures are basically guaranteed for business harnessing the power of iAds. And, Apple users are a highly engaged audience, far more likely to follow through with purchases.
Infinite Geek.com recently published an eye-opening report on just how much time iPhone users spend on their phones.
Their study revealed that iPhone users spent an average of an hour and 15 minutes on their devices every single day. Where else are you going to find such a highly engaged buying audience?
Are You Sure iAds Will Work for Me?
Getting in on the ground floor of a new technology is always good for business.
iAds are so new that Apple hasn’t gotten strict like Google and Facebook, so they’re are open to niches and offers that might be prohibited by other ad networks.
With iAds, you can promote your apps and products around the world with more freedom-and far fewer restrictions than you’ll

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