5-PATH® 2.0 DVD- Hypnosis Training DVD Set Join Cal Banyan, award-winning hypnosis and hypnotherapy trainer, as he teaches you and demonstrates how to do 5-PATH® hypnotherapy.
NEW and UPDATED! More than 2 Times the Information!
20 DVDs Full of Professional 5-PATH® Training 4 Audio CDs Special Topics 1 CD with Manuals & Handouts
Now you don’t have to travel to learn these advanced techniques from this master training in their most up-to-date form! Optional certification available!
Join this award-winning hypnotism & hypnotherapy trainer as he explains how it is really done, step by step!
Order this program, study it and become an expert in Age Regression Therapy, Forgiveness Therapy, and Parts Mediation Therapy. Become a 1%er, the best of the best in the profession when you master these skills.

Convenient Training In Your Home or Office
At last, you can train in your home or office in this powerful hypnotherapeutic process that is revolutionizing how professionals are doing hypnosis!
Clients coe from all over the world to experience how we do hypnotherapy. We are well known for our systematic and very effective way of doing hypnotherapy.
5-PATH® 2.0
This has been called Cal Banyan’s master piece. It is the most up- to-date and advanced distance learning course produced by this award winning master trainer to-date. Hypnotherapists have come from all around the world to train with Calvin Banyan, MA, BCH, CI to learn his techniques after reading his #1 hypnotherapy book.Learn Up-to-Date Advanced Techniques
Programming your clients for success using inductions designed to take them into deep hypnosis (somnambulism).
Learn the Universal Hypnosis Script and use it for 90% of the issues you see.
How to use covert testing and convincers.
How to do Age Regression Therapy and the Informed Child Technique.
How to use Age Progression to program your clients for success.
How to supercharge direct suggestion by using insight therapy.
How to create powerful change by doing Forgiveness Therapy.
How to end internal conflict and secondary gain with Parts Mediation Therapy.
Efficient and Effective Training
With this NEW distance learning program you are in control. You can review anything discussed or demonstrated immediately! Rewind the video as many times as you want to make sure that you get what is being discussed and review the material later whenever you want.
This program is so good, even the students that take this live onsite training, buy it so that they can “take Cal home” with them!
With this program you can really master the material presented in class because you can go over it as thoroughly as you wish, making sure that you get it right before you go on.
You will also get the Class Manual containing all of the handouts. Just print them out or view them on your computer screen.
Optional Certification in 5-PATH® Available
This course comes with an optional exam. If you decide to take the exam you can send it to us for grading along with $75 testing fee. When you pass you will receive an 11 by 14 certificate indicating that you have been certified as a 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist (or Hypnotist, if requested).Free When You Get Certification
Membership on our online support group
E-Mail support
Telephone support
Free E-Mail in our Hypnotherapist Directory on our web site, so that you can get clients who want to work with a 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist.
*Note that becoming certified as a 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist requires that you pass an exam and that you have a previous certification as a hypnotist or hypnotherapist through a nationally recognized hypnosis organization such as the National Guild of Hypnotists. However, you do not need to meet these qualifications to purchase and study this program. Only to be certified in 5-PATH®.
Everything You Need Accompanies this Distance Learning Course

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