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NEW: Latest training for the highly ambitious coach who is tired of struggling to get new clients…
Learn How To Get Your Dream Clients With Ease And Make Every Month A 5-Figure Month While Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose – Simply By Being Who You Are
Signing on new clients is both a chase and a struggle for most coaches out there… but it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

Have you ever wondered what the big difference is between a coach who’s merely getting by, who’s serving a couple of clients here and there and is constantly struggling to pay the bills… and a coach who’s successfully running a 6-figure practice and impacting hundreds of thousands of lives?
The 6-figure coach doesn’t run more Facebook ads, has more advanced training than you or a secret “magic pill” you’ve never even heard of…
He simply knows how to get clients! And not just any clients… but only the perfect dream clients for him.
In this letter, I will show you exactly how to master the art of getting those dream clients.
But let’s talk about you first…
You are outstanding at what you do and determined to positively impact as many lives as you can. This is your heart’s desire, your mission, and your life’s purpose!
You have the priceless gift of being able to help others break through their blocks and create the lives they truly want and deserve.
And what you want the most is to offer your gift to as many people as possible.
Because after all… what are your gifts and talents worth if you’re not actively using them to make the impact you know you could make? To change the lives you know you could change? And to create the impact you know you could create…

What are your gifts and talents worth if you’re not actively putting them out there to help the people who need you the most?
And there is only one way to do this: Yes, I’m talking about sales.
Did you just shudder a little bit?
Good! That means I just pushed you out of your comfort zone – and being a coach you know better than anyone else that this is where growth happens…
Massive business and income growth in this specific case!
Because let’s face it: You can be the very best at what you do but if you don’t know how to sell, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and all the people out there who need you the most.
Plus: You’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table.
I’ll show you exactly how you can avoid this in just a second, but first let me ask you this:
Are you serving as many people as you could be serving?
Are you making the impact you’re meant to make in this world?
And are you satisfied with your monthly income?
If you said “no” or “meh” to any of these questions, I have amazing news for you!
There’s a natural, honest and effortless way to get more of your dream clients, serve the people who need you the most and grow your coaching practice to 6-figures and more!
But let me guess… at this point you’re feeling a little resistance.
You’re not a natural born sales person and you got into coaching because you truly want to transform people’s lives – and not feel like you’re ripping them off. But you’re also a smart and ambitious business owner and you KNOW for a fact that no sales equals no business.
Being able to sell is not just some nice-to-have asset, it’s the make-or-break factor of your business — and your impact!
And since you’re amazing at what you do, the only thing your coaching practice really needs if you want to have a bigger impact and serve more clients like you’re meant to… is more sales!

What You’ll Learn
Introducing Client Mastery:
The Natural Art of Attracting and Converting Prospects into Clients in 3-Simple Steps

What exactly will joining Client Mastery do for your coaching practice?:
01 Exponentially increase your income
By using this tested and proven system you won’t only feel more confident and authentic during your sales conversations and free consultations, you’ll also be able to close way more deals and exponentially increase your income! Happy clients have reported back to us that they convert 80% of their casual conversations into paying clients after joining Client Mastery — and so will you!

02 Sign on only the ideal clients for you
Being a coach you know how crucial it is to work with the RIGHT people. When you learn how to sell based on true human connection and with love and authenticity, you will attract the perfect clients for your personal practice: The ones who are willing and able to pay what you’re worth and not just the price shoppers who are looking for the next best deal.

03 No more undervaluing your services or undercharging because of the fear of rejection
Nobody likes to hear “no”. But when you join Client Mastery, you won’t let the fear of rejection stop you from selling your services anymore. On the contrary: You’ll know exactly how to handle your prospect’s objections (and excuses!) and will be able to charge what you’re worth without feeling guilty or ashamed.

04 Gain confidence and get new clients with ease
How can somebody trust you and buy from you if they can tell you’re nervous and insecure? (Hint: Not at all!) Having a reliable system in place will give you the confidence you need to get new clients with joy and ease. Your prospects will be able to feel your confidence and respond to it by trusting you, believing in you and your services and buying from you with a smile on their face.

05 Get loyal customers for life
Client Mastery focuses on building solid, lasting relationships between you and your clients so that they see you as their one and only go-to person. And once the connection is established, they’ll happily come back to you again and again… and again.

06 Enjoy the process and have fun
You’ll be surprised how relaxed, easy and fun your sales conversations can actually be when you use our low-pressure sales method. When you know exactly what to say, how and when to say it and even what to do when things go slightly different than planned… you have absolutely nothing to worry about and can focus on providing true value to your clients. It’s a win-win situation!

07 Repeat!
Client Mastery is a proven and tested formula that dramatically increases sales for Fortune 1000 companies – and it will do the same for you! You can repeat it over and over again and you’ll discover that you just keep getting better at it!

Course Information
What you will get in the self-paced home study video course, “Client Mastery: The Natural Art of Attracting and Converting Prospects into Clients”

Part I Sequence of Emotions
In this video we’ll be introducing the Sales Process, sharing with you where it came from, and talking through the emotional stages that reliably create a sale. We’ll share with you the three misconceptions or ‘lies’ people buy into that have them struggle. You’ll also learn the difference between Commodity, Intermediate, and Value markets and how you can position yourself towards the Value side.
Sales Process #1: 3 Lies of Sales Worksheet
Sales Process #2: Commodity vs. Value Markets Worksheet
Sales Process #3: Sequence of Emotions Worksheet
Sales Process #4: Network Interview Worksheet
Sales Offer Sequence Platform Selling Worksheet

Part II Benchmark Questions
In this video we’ll be diving in with more detail into the Sales Process teaching you each of the phases in the process. You’ll learn how to structure your sales conversations and how to make sure your potential customers are experiencing the emotions in the right order. We’ll also be teaching you benchmarks questions that let you know when its time to move on. We share with you some tips for how to elicit the right phase and some common mistakes to avoid and what to do about them.
Sales Process #5: The Sales Process Worksheet
Sales Process #6: Curiosity Meter Worksheet
Sales Process #7: Value Calibration Worksheet
Sales Process #8: Sales Process Scorecard Worksheet

Part III Black Belt Techniques
In this video you’ll learn the art of the non-sequitur AND the 6 ways to create value in a sales conversation. We talk about the importance of effectively dominating in a sales conversation and how to lead someone in the direction YOU want to go. We’ll teach you how to get into their world that will having you understand them better than even they do.
Sales Process #9: The Four Types of Non-Sequiturs Worksheet
Sales Process #10: What Customers Want To Know Worksheet
Sales Process #11: 6 Ways To Create Possibility and Trust Worksheet
Sales Process #12: Getting Clear About What They Want Worksheet
Sales Process #13: Did You Get Into Their World Worksheet

Part IV Bonus Materials
Audio sales trainings that have never been available outside of Bryan and Jennifer’s exclusive master mind groups until now:
Top 10 Ways To Improve Sales Conversions
Focusing On Your Sales Prospect’s Pain And Desires. In this audio training we talk about utilizing the proven sales format of focusing on your sales prospect’s pain and desires in order to be able to express to them that you understand their pain, you have a unique perspective on their situation they might not be aware of, and that you have a solution that will solve the underlying problem.
Making Sales Fun Through Contribution. In this audio training we talk about how to make the sales process fun through contribution, caring, and being brave enough to speak the truth. We also talk about an effective game you can play at conferences that will help you to connect with your ideal clients.
Systematizing Your Sales. In this training we share real world examples of systematizing the highest leverage activities in your sales and marketing, identifying the most effective sales affiliates to promote your product or service, and why it’s important to experiment more in your lower priced products and services.
Identifying and Converting New Sales Channels. In this audio training we share a real world example of how to identify new sales channels and convert them into paying customers. We specifically talk about how to walk your prospects through the proper sequence of emotions, how to keep control of the conversation using non-sequiturs, and how to get referrals during your sales conversations even if the person you’re talking to isn’t a good match for your product or service.
Identifying and Filling Missing Competencies. In this audio training we talk about identifying missing competencies that cause projects to fall through in the bidding process, and how to fill in that gap with your strengths so that you are seen as a central part of each project. We also talk about the role of leadership in making the competition irrelevant, and how to come up with a pricing structure for requests that are outside of your traditional offerings.
Creating Curiosity In your Sales Emails
End of Marketing – Viral Loops
Exclusive Bonuses

Part V Demo Case Studies with Jennifer
Discover how to put what you learn into action with 3 demo case studies of enrollment conversation that use the sales process you’ll learn in Client Mastery. Each case study is based on the most common scenarios and objections that coaches face when speaking to prospects.
In each of these common scenarios, Jennifer goes through the Client Mastery sales process with the prospect. She demonstrates how to overcome the objections that you will likely encounter at different stages of the conversation, so that you too will know how to easily overcome these common objections in your sales conversations.
Enrollment Conversation 1: How to close a referral
Watch Jennifer get a referral and talks with a woman who wants to run her production company, named Denise. She uses a certain process with benchmark questions to make sure the client is excited to work with Jennifer. You’ll learn how to adapt the process in a situation where the potential client has been referred to you in the most natural, engaging way.
Enrollment Conversation 2: How to overcome empowerment objections
In this scenario, the client is looking for a health coach to lose weight. The coach is selling a group a coaching program, but although the client is interested she says she needs to discuss with her husband first. Listen in on how Jennifer overcomes this objection and finds a way that empowers the client to take action without feeling uncomfortable.
Enrollment Conversation 3: How to close a social media contact
In this scenario, the relationship coach meets Michele through social media. Michelle is having problems with her husband. Listen in on the powerful questions of the process that Jennifer asks on a sensitive topic to someone that she only knows through social media that gains the client’s trust and closes the deal.

Part VI.Trainings from Zentrepreneur
Zentrepreneur is designed as a private mastermind that connects together entrepreneurs with ambitious dreams and businesses who are looking to make a powerful impact on humanity while creating strong bond and friendship between its members.
As a way to thank you for joining Client Mastery, we’ve prepared three inspiring videos from Ajit Nawalkha, co-founder of Evercoach and mentor at Zentrepreneur, on the art of content marketing, sales and marketing systems for success and how to launch a product.
Special Bonus 1: The Facebook Newsfeed Hack: Simple Guide to Showing Up More Often on the Facebook Feed of Your Clients. This training will help you get more clients from Facebook.
Special Bonus 2: The Client Enrolment Formula. So you can get more clients, easier, faster and without being salesy. A must have training for every coach.
Special Bonus 3: The Ultimate Webinar System. Finally a simple replicable webinar system that you can use now to enrol more clients while giving massive value using the power of Webinars.

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