Brittany Lynch & Greg Davis – $2K In 3 Days – Facebook Master Class

Look over my shoulder as I go from zero to 2k in this 3 day online training session. You’ll look over my shoulder as I show you exactly how to go from nothing – no list, no sales, no experience to generating 2k in 3 days in front of your eyes…plus how to scale up massively from there.

Everything I do to make 2k in 3 days will be done in front of your eyes on a live training webinar.
Here’s just some of what I’ll show you over the course of the 3 days

Niche Selection – Discover everything you need to know about choosing your niche.
Rapid Landing Page Creation – No Tech Guy Needed
Generate a highly targeted Interest List
Scraping Proven Buyers/ Highlighy Engaged UID’s To Increase ROI
Dirt Cheap FB Ad Targeting – I’ll take you through a ton of examples of targeting for different niches broken down step by step
Less than a penny bidding – everyone wants cheap clicks and I’ll show you how to get them
Identifying Winning Offers – What to promote and when: CPA, Sales Page, Affiliate Offers, Info Product Creation
Advanced List Segmentation – How to segment your list and use custom audience to micro target and get massive ROI
Non Guru List Building – Don’t want to be a guru? I’ll show you how to build your list without taking the guru approach but getting all the benefits
Custom Audiences – This is the coolest thing on Facebook – I’ll show you how to steal ultra targeted email audiences, UIDs and advanced audience targeting that’s netting me a 20 times profit.
Direct Linking – Send your traffic direct to sales pages, cpa offers, tshirt campaigns and
Scaling Up Your Campaigns Past 2k
Follow Up Q&A Webinar & Campaign Update (Scaling Past 2k)
Worksheets And Templates: Finding Your Super Niche, Interest Spreadsheet, Email Campaign Templates

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