Sell Gold And Silver With BTF Gold
Are you still undecided whether selling gold, silver, and other precious metals with BTF Gold will be a good investment or not? You’ve almost made up your mind but you still have questions and concerns as to whether BTF Gold is legit, or if it’s even worth the one time fee of $247.00 that grants you lifetime access to your very own completely built Bring The Fresh Gold website.  A website that has the possibility of doubling your initial investment with only one commission based sale. Well worry no more as I have compiled a list of quick facts about Kelly Felix’s Bring The Fresh Gold. But first watch this video by Kelly himself.

Bring The Fresh Gold – Facts About BTF Gold
Your Bring The Fresh Gold site sells gold and silver to people who want to protect their retirement.

Your ready to go already built website will sell Gold & Silver, physical precious metals  that many retired and working Americans are choosing to roll over into their 401k or adding to their IRA. Through BTF Gold you will become an affiliate of one of the top reputable financial companies in America.

The stock market is becoming more of an risk than a reward for a-lot of Americans. Therefore many are choosing to invest anywhere between 10%-30% of their retirement into physical metals like Gold and Silver.
2. With BTF Gold you only need to make 1 sale to make a decent amount of money!

That’s right, the product that you will be selling is in high demand and is fairly hard to get. Meaning that not many people have access to this product (Gold/Silver) making this virtually an untapped market as far as affiliate marketing goes. It is also a very expensive product ranging from $10,000 – $1,000,000 plus, all depending on how much the customer wants.
3. The average sale is around $80,000, in which you would earn $2,400 in commission.

All it takes is for someone to flow through your Bring The Fresh Gold built website, fill out the contact form on the vendors site and you will make up to $100. Given that they are a real person. Even if someone calls the toll free number that will be placed on your site you will still earn up to $100.

If your lead turns into a sale, you will receive 3% of the total sale. With an average of 1 out of 3 qualified people turning into a sale, You can’t lose!!
4. There are no hidden cost or up-sells inside Bring The Fresh Gold.

The only additional cost will be the $10-$15 hosting fee that will be paid to the hosting company. Also, once you have ran out of your free $250 $300 ad credits with Google, Yahoo, and Bing you will have to ad your own funds if you choose to continue with paid advertising.
5. Bring The Fresh Gold is 100% risk free!

If for some reason you are not happy with BTF Gold, you may request a full refund. As long as you are within 60 days of your purchase date no questions will be asked.

Bring The Fresh Gold aims to change your life! That’s exactly what Kelly Felix has done for thousands of people world wide with his previous record breaking program Bring The Fresh 2013-2014. He has a genuine interest in seeing the newbie succeed and he takes pride in all of his members success!
Bring The Fresh Gold By Kelly Felix
Bring The Fresh Gold Creator Kelly Felix
How do I know? Well lets just say, I’ve spent the past two years following Kelly’s Bring The Fresh formula and it continues to produce REAL results week after week. I mean its not enough to quit my day job just yet, but the amount of extra income generated allows me to pay two car notes and my rent each and every month.  So when I heard about this new program Bring The Fresh Gold, I immediately signed up and decided to finally write a review for all the skeptics who are on the fence about whether or not to join Bring The Fresh Gold.

Bring The Fresh Gold – What Is It?
BTF Gold is a complete and fully integrated website that sells precious metals, like gold and silver. With Bring The Fresh Gold you will have a chance to make up to $30,000 per sale. Now I know that sounds bogus, believe me, I thought so too when I first read it. But upon researching BTF Gold I found that a very few have actually made that much in commissions. The actual average commissions generated hovers between $800-$2400 per sale.  You will gain access to Kelly Felix’s step by step coaching videos, which are extremely simple and easy to follow. Bring The Fresh Gold comes with a $250 no cost promotion and funding with top ad networks Google and Bing. You will have access to the 3 top rated members (the guys who made those $30,000 sales) to help guide you through. Last but not least you will be granted immediate access to the BTF Gold Forum which has an excess of 18,000 active users who have benefited from both Bring The Fresh and Bring The Fresh Gold. This forum will allow you the opportunity to learn even more about how to make money online.
Not to mention Bring The Fresh Gold is backed by an iron clad no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

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