Brian Tracy – Sales Techniques New Releases compact

Your track record proves that you’re great at what you do.
You’ve consistently taken advantage of emerging trends, overcome obstacles that have come up, and mastered techniques that have given you an edge.
But what if I told you I could teach you how to double your sales?
I can.
What if I said there are a handful of proven, powerful techniques you can master, starting right now, to become even better – staying on top for the duration of your career?
There are.
To keep moving ahead, it helps to have a coach, a mentor… a knowledgeable, reliable source of new sales information.
You need a practical, visionary guide – someone who has been there, who knows where the sales field is today and where it’s going.
In short, you need an advanced course in selling, taught by a master of the trade – a master who genuinely wants to see you succeed.
That’s exactly what I give you in my program, “Advanced Selling Techniques.”
The follow-up to my best-selling “The Psychology of Selling,” “Advanced Selling Techniques” reveals the critical issues involved in selling to professional buyers in large organizations – so you can understand how to make prospecting easier and more effective.
Order your copy of “Advanced Selling Techniques” now!

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