Brian Tracy – High Performance Selling
Brian Tracy – High Performance Selling
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Author: Brian Tracy
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Attention: Sales Professionals and anyone who interacts with others on a regular basis (You are salespeople, too):
Learn how to Get More Prospects, Close More Sales, Make More Money, and COMMUNICATE more EFFECTIVELY and Authentically
Revealed: 30 years’ worth of Time-Tested Techniques Combined with Cutting-Edge Sales Strategies that Work in TODAY’S Complicated Market with TODAY’S Sophisticated Prospects
You CAN Develop a Huge Pipeline of Highly Qualified Prospects, and Massively Increase Your Income by DOUBLING or TRIPLING your closing rate—and even reaching 100 Percent! I will show you how.

Dear Sales Professional,
Sales people have one of the toughest jobs in the world today. It gets tougher every year. The competition is fiercer, the prospects’ available selections are greater, and price wars continue.

So what’s the solution?
It’s to become an exceptional sales person.
When you become an exceptional sales person, you develop the skills you need to write your own ticket—to get more prospects, close more sales, and make more money.

Increase Sales
Did you know that small differences in ability, in certain areas, can translate to large differences in results in those area? Performing just 3% better over time translates into enormous results.
But first, you’ve got to make the decision to get to the front of the line.
This letter is for you if you:
Selling isn’t easy. In fact, especially in today’s economy, it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and it takes courage and guts to get out there every day. And to succeed—to boost your closing rate, boost your income and enjoy success—takes more than guts. It takes knowledge, training and expertise.
Despite the level of difficulty in the field of sales, our entire world economy depends on it. If we didn’t have sales people, we wouldn’t have sales. Nobody would be making any money.
That’s probably why there’s so much advice out there.
It’s not your fault you haven’t experienced the success you want to. All that advice is conflicting, confusing, and much of it is just plain wrong.

So how do you succeed?
How do you confidently prospect for qualified customers, hold effective meetings, and then close the sale—again and again—so you can boost your income?
You become a High Performance Seller.

This is what I specialize in—and this is what I teach you in “High Performance Selling.”
But before I give you the details, let me tell you how my career began:
Brian Tracy
When I started selling, knocking on doors, cold calling, all I ever heard at the end of my sales presentation were the words, “Leave it with me.” “Let me think it over.” “I’ll read your materials.” “Call me back.”
Of course, no one ever “thinks about it”, and when I called them back, they weren’t interested any more.
One day, I suddenly realized that the problem wasn’t the product or the customer. The problem was me. I didn’t know how to sell.
That revelation set me off on a lifelong search for the methods, techniques, and words I could use that would cause people to buy – immediately.
“High Performance Selling” is the result of that search, and comprises the sales techniques that have been used, by my clients and students, to help start-ups, medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 corporations to immediately increase their bottom line.
These are the same techniques I’ve used to sell more than $500,000,000 (yes, that’s 500 MILLION!) in audio and video learning programs and books I’ve produced.
This course is 12.5 hours’ worth of instruction, broken down into 3 separate courses. Each course contains 10, 25-minute audio lessons—and all together, it’s equivalent to the material I teach in my $10,000, 7-day live seminar. With “High Performance Selling,” you get the same instruction at a fraction of the price—and you can listen to the information whenever you want, as many times as you want, in your home, office or training room.

Here’s a taste of what it covers:
Why you can achieve stellar success by being just a little bit better than average in certain key areas—and what those areas are
The Number One reason for failure among trained salespeople—and it has nothing to do with sales (warning: you’re probably making this mistake but it’s easy—and crucial—to correct!)
A recent change that has taken place in sales—and why, if you don’t evolve with the industry, you’ll be pounding pavement with holes in your shoes forever
Parallels between marriage and sales, and how this plays into the different components of a sales conversation
Credibility versus Mega-Credibility in Sales—why you need Mega-Credibility and to overcome customer skepticism and make the sale
How to build trust and conquer fear: the one thing you should NEVER say during a sales conversation—let this slip out and you’ll KILL your chances of closing the sale
Why you absolutely must not sell on PRICE—and what to sell on, instead (you may be surprised!)
And more