Within this DVD set, Brian David Phillips explains and demonstrates forty unusual or unique hypnosis induction techniques with through which a hypnotist can guide a trance partner into hypnosis, appropriate for therapeutic, introspective, or recreational contexts.
The DVDs explains the following:

* Sleeping Stone
* Sensory Staircase
* Counting Deepener
* Movie Theatre
* Garbage Can
* Glass Induction (Relaxation Water)
* Rain Droplets
* Pendulum Fixation
* Hypnowheel
* Hypnoscope
* Hand to Face
* Stuck Hands
* Spinning Hands
* Shaking Hands
* Happy Balloons
* Table Rising
* Blink Count
* Blink Variant
* Finger Count
* Bipolar Emotional Overload Collapse
* Positive Emotional Flood Accelerator (Emotional Snap)
* Positive Energy Cycle
* TV Set (Good News / Bad News)
* Carotid Artery
* Nerve Cluster Pressure Point
* Energy Induction
* Third Eye
* Trance Identification Doll
* Voodoo Doll
* Telepathic Hypnosis
* Hypnotic Stare
* Animalian
* Inner Vertigo
* Mind Spin
* Bullettrance (Hypnogun)
* Drug of Choice: Drinking Finger Variant
* Fingersnap
* Inner Hypnotist
* Crystal Happiness
* Crystal Ball (Introspective Vision)

Name Product: Brian David Phillips- Exotic Hypnosis Inductions: Unusual & Unique Hypnosis Techniques
Market price: $279
Author: Brian David Phillips
Size: 3.07 GB
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