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Author: Brent Smith
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The Secret Super Rich Guys Use to
Naturally Attract the
Hottest Women
(…and It Has NOTHING to Do with Money, Wealth, Status or Looks)

Believe it or not, ultra-rich guys will do just that.
Paying me outrageous sums of money to learn how to navigate high society.
Along the way, magnetizing the most beautiful women in the world around them.
Hi, my name is Brent Smith,
Founder of the boutique lifestyle curation firm, Brent Smith Lifestyle.
Maybe you’ve heard of me. But you probably haven’t.
My real “job” if you want to call it that, is what I call “lifestyle curation services” for the ultra- affluent man.

In other words, the rich.
Those are the kind of social circles I run in…
No, not the kind of rich that have a million dollars or two million or even a five million dollar net worth.
(That’s good and I’m sure they’re very successful men in their own right.)
But they really don’t need MY services, let alone can afford them. The market for my services are men who have on average about 30 times that. There are about 30,000 of them in the US.
Now, if you don’t have those mammoth-sized bank accounts, you may say…
“Well, what am I reading this for, Brent?”

I’ll tell you why.
And the answer is going to SHOCK YOU.
The same problem these ultra-rich guys have?
It’s THE SAME problem you have…

Attracting Hotter Women
Yeah, as amazing as it may seem, even rich guys have just as much trouble attracting hot women as regular guys.
In the worst cases, it can seriously affect their ego and psychology. They get really weird, trying to overcompensate in all other areas of their life. Trying to block out the rejection, shame and embarrassment in their minds.
Or it depresses them tremndously and they become reclusive in their mansions.
Or they become all creepy.
When you see celebrities get all weird on TMZ? It’s usually because they’re lacking some sort of female companionship.
Now, you may think:
“Oh Brent, what are you talking about? With that kind of money, they can rent a prostitute or an escort.”
And you would be right. And no doubt, some do. But those aren’t my market. Those aren’t the guys I help every single day.
The guys I help may be bulls in the boardroom, full of swagger and ambition, but when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex?
They struggle.

Think about it…
Attracting hot girls is just as much a problem for guys who have too much money as it is for guys who don’t have enough money.
Imagine in your social circle, if every guy in the room made just as much money as you. Money would cease to be a criteria for attraction because everybody has it, wouldn’t it?
In high society, surprisingly after a certain point, money doesn’t matter. It ceases to be an advantage.
It’s the ultimate equalizer. The ultimate handicap.
So what would be the new attraction criteria used by the hottest women?
What would be better? Well fortunately, because I socialize in these circles, I have an answer.
And in the next few minutes, I want to share it with you.
It’ll open your eyes. It’ll change your life.
It’s one of the big reasons I made this instructional page. Surprisingly, a couple elite clients of mine encouraged it.
So, it’ll pay to read it all. Word for word. Pay close attention. Even take notes
There’s great information throughout. Especially at the end, during the Q&A. Some guys asked really insightful questions.
Because if the rich guys struggle, with all the money and wealth and power they have, what chances do guys of more modest means have?
Especially when it comes to landing hotter women.

You’re about to find out.
And it’s going to blow you away
You see, what you’ve been told about attracting the hottest of women has pretty much been a lie.
Total BS.
THE BIGGEST THING I know for certain is you don’t need money to meet them. All that stuff you hear about projecting status?
Girls could care less.
So my first big piece of advice is quit trying to impress them like all these pickup artists tell you to do.
You see, the 99% are programmed to believe status and money makes all the difference. Because THAT’S EXACTLY what the wealthy 1% wants you to believe. It’s true.
You’ve got celebrities and famous people who have all these incredibly gorgeous women around them.
But the dirty little secret is this…
All that arm candy? Is paid for…

Yeah. They’re escorts. They’re prostitutes. They’re strippers.
Remember Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madame? She could tell you some stories.
Or you know what happens? They beg their agents and managers to hook them up.
Trust me, these guys have all the same female problems and challenges as you.
At some point, these guys get fed up
and want something else.