Brad Dayley- LiveLessons – Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS WebBrad Dayley- LiveLessons – Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS Web

Learning Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS LiveLessons provides developers with a practical introduction to Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS, an exciting development stack for building web servers and web applications.

Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS Web Development LiveLessons video training is the definitive video guide to building JavaScript-based web applications from server to browser. Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS Web Development is a complete guide for web programmers who want to integrate these three technologies into full working solutions. It begins with concise, crystal-clear tutorials on each of the three technologies and then quickly moves on to building several common web applications. Viewers will learn how to use Node.js and MongoDB to build more scalable, high-performance sites, how to leverage AngularJS’s innovative MVC approach to structure more effective pages and applications, and how to use all three together to deliver outstanding next-generation web solutions.

Seasoned software engineer and author Brad Dayley begins with a review of the Node.js platform and provides comprehensive instructions covering setting up, configuring, and running the NoSQL database MongoDB. The video course covers incorporating high-performance MongoDB databases into server-side Node.js applications and scripts. Next, the Express web server module for Node.js is covered, providing the understanding you need to easily build up your own scalable web servers. The video then describes how to build out client-side applications using the AngularJS JavaScript framework. The course ends with complete end-to-end examples of using the Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS framework. After watching this video training, developers will understand why Node.js, MongoDB and Angular generate so much excitement in today’s fast-paced environment. Viewers will be able to write fast, efficient and reliable applications and web servers.

About the Instructor
Brad Dayley is a consulting software engineer with more than 20 years of experience developing enterprise server applications, web services and web interfaces. He has worked on all kinds of projects ranging from mission-critical enterprise software to large-scale SAAS systems with 20,000-plus servers per datacenter. He has used JavaScript and jQuery for years and is the author of jQuery and JavaScript Phrasebook and Sams Teach Yourself jQuery and JavaScript in 24 Hours. He has also used Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS to build complete web applications and services and is the author of Node.js, MongoDB, and AngularJS Web Development as well as Sams Teach Yourself NoSQL with MongoDB in 24 Hours.

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