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How to Create a 5-in-1 Product Document
Video Player
1. How to Create a 5-in-1 Product: Introduction
2. How to Create a Powerpoint
3. Converting Your Powerpoint to a MindMap
4. Recording Your Video: PC Version
5. Recording Your Video: Mac Version
6. Editing Your Recording: PC Version
7. Editing Your Recording: Mac Version
8. How to Convert Your Video to Audio
9. How to Convert Your Audio to Text
10. How to Create Your PDF Report: Part 1
11. How to Create Your PDF Report: Part 2

“Money Maps” Course:
How to Turn a Simple Mind Map Into a 5-figure Payday How To Mind Map
1. Money Maps: Introduction
2. Money Maps: What is Mind Mapping?
3. Money Maps: Mind Maps vs. Mind Mapping
4. Money Maps: The Correct Way to Make a Mind Map
5. Money Maps: How Can Mind Maps Help YOU?
6. Money Maps: Mind Maps and Learning
7. Money Maps: Why Mind Maps Will Help You Think Smarter?
8. Money Maps: Why Does Mind Mapping Encourage Creativity?
9. Money Maps: What YOU Can Use Mind Maps For
10. Money Maps: Shocking Ways Your Can Use Mind Maps
11. Money Maps: How Mind Maps Can Make Your Life Better
12. Money Maps: Advanced Tips and Tricks
13. Money Maps: Conclusion
14. How to Mind Map: What is a Mind Map?
15. How to Mind Map: Mind Map Software
16. How to Mind Map: The Seven Magical Steps to Mind Mapping
17. How to Mind Map: Speed Mind Mapping
18. How to Mind Map: Mind Map Templates
19. How to Mind Map: Moving Around Your Mind Map
20. How to Mind Map: Mind Map Tactics 101
21. How to Mind Map: Mind Map Tactics: Advanced Edition
22. How to Mind Map: Conclusion

WordPress MotherLode
Wordpress 101: Getting Started
100 Best WordPress Plugins

Web Site Usability Guidelines
Homepage Design
Text Appearance
Page Layout
Graphics & Multimedia
Content Organization

Over-the-Shoulder WordPress Tutorial Videos

1. Install WordPress via CPanel and Fantastico
2. Install WordPress Manually
3. Cleanup WordPress
4. Update Permalinks
5. Customize the Dashboard
6. Create Posts
7. Create Pages
8. Using Images
9. Installing Plugins via the Dashboard
10. Installing Plugins via FTP
11. Update Plugins
12. Install Themes via Dashboard
13. Install Themes Manually via FTP
14. Upgrade Themes
15. Customize Themes
16. Install and Use Widgets
17. How to Handle Spam
18. Using Akismet to Handle Spam
19. Creating a Contact Form
20. Edit Contact Form
21. Manage Users
22. Edit Menus
23. Install Audio Player
24. Customize Audio Player
25. Setup and Use Gravatar
26. Use and Display Testimonials
27. Embed Youtube Videos
28. How to Make Posts User Friendly
29. How to Tell Search Engines About New Content
30. How to Revert to a Previous Draft
31. How to Tuneup WordPress
32. How to Create Backups
33. How to Restore Backups
34. How to Move to New Domain
35. How to Delete WordPress via CPanel
36. How to Delete WordPress Manually
37. How to Turn on Built In Theme Editor
38. How to Create a Static Front Page
39. How to Show Widgets on Pages
40. How to Create a Custom 404 Page
41. How to Remove ‘Powered by WordPress’
42. How to Protect Your Email
43. How to Post via Email
44. How to Automate Posting via Email
45. How to Secure Your WordPress Site
46. How to Secure Your WordPress Site with Bulletproof Plugin
47. How to Speed Up Your Site
48. How to Use Caching
49. How to Install Facebook Comments
50. How to Embed Twitter Tweets
51. How to Speed Up Your Site with Image Compression
52. How to Install WTouch
53. How to Track Your Statistics
54. How to Create Search Engine Friendly XML
55. How to Use Headspace Plugin

Jay’s “Zero to Hero” Package
Zero to Hero Audio
Zero to Hero MindMap
Zero to Hero Guide
1. Zero to Hero Training: Who Am I and Why Should You Care?
2. Zero to Hero Training: My Before Picture
3. Zero to Hero Training: A Lucky Accident:
4. Zero to Hero Training: Bye-Bye Survivor
5. Zero to Hero Training: Into The Abyss
6. Zero to Hero Training: Switching Gears
7. Zero to Hero Training: My Big Break
8. Zero to Hero Training: I Go All In
9. Zero to Hero Training: Building Another Business
10. Zero to Hero Training: One Launch a Week?
11. Zero to Hero Training: Listen, If I Can Do This…

“Get Connected” Training
1. How to Connect With the Interview Model
2. Connecting Via Product Launch
3. The Giveaway Profits Method
4. JV Product Creation Partnerships
5. Go Freaking Nuts on Product Creation
6. Teacher-Student Case Study Method
7. Build a Guru Into Your Product
8. Jump On a Plane Method
9. The Live Event Model
10. The Broken Link Method
11. The Stealth Suggestion Method
12. ‘Get Free Training’ Method
13. ‘Help Me Help You’ Method
14. V Leaderboard Method
15. ‘I Am Stalking’ Method
16. The Side Door Connection
17. The Sleight-of-Hand Switcheroo
18. One-on-One Conversations
19. The Webinar Hijacking Method
20. Cold Emails (the RIGHT way)
21. ‘Buy Their Stuff’ Method
22. Pay For Access
23. Create a Testimonial For Their Products
24. Get ‘Case Study’ Results
25. Get your OWN Results Method
26. The ‘Get a Radio Show’ Method
27. The Snail Mail Method
28. The Pick Up the Phone Method
29. Say Their Name Online
30. Get Connected – Some Final Thoughts

Caveman Simple Membership Training
1. Caveman Simple Membership Training
25 Traffic Methods
1. Traffic Method 1: SEO
2. Traffic Method 2: Facebook
3. Traffic Method 3: Pinterest
4. Traffic Method 4: Twitter
5. Traffic Method 5: PPC Ads
6. Traffic Method 6: Paid Banner Ads
7. Traffic Method 7:
8. Traffic Method 8: Blogging
9. Traffic Method 9: RSS Submissions
10. Traffic Method 10: Forum Marketing
11. Traffic Method 11: Q and A Sites
12. Traffic Method 12: Press Releases
13. Traffic Method 13: Online Classifieds
14. Traffic Method 14: Web Directories
15. Traffic Method 15: Old School
16. Traffic Method 16: Social Bookmarking
17. Traffic Method 17: Article Submissions
18. Traffic Method 18: Guest Blogging
19. Traffic Method 19: Web 2.0 Sites
20. Traffic Method 20: Solo Ads
21. Traffic Method 21: Joint Ventures
22. Traffic Method 22: Blog Commenting
23. Traffic Method 23: Viral Reports
24. Traffic Method 24: Video Marketing
25. Traffic Method 25: Document Sharing Sites

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