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The Marketing Ladder Blueprint. How to put an end to marketing chaos… generate a small but highly responsive list of paying customers only… and consistently grow your profits and your business by actually doing much less marketing
If you’re like most business owners, entrepreneurs or marketing managers I talk to in my consulting practice, then you’re confronted daily with two critical problems:

Your sales have dropped off significantly in the past year to 18 months
You’re investing significantly more time and money in marketing but regardless of what you do, it doesn’t move the needle on your sales

So let me tell you exactly why this is happening. The reason your sales have flat lined is that most of your list is dead weight. It’s made up primarily of prospects who have never bought anything. And if you’re realistic, they don’t have even the slightest intention of ever buying anything.

Why? Because by following the conventional marketing wisdom, you got these prospects to join your list by giving them something for free. Then you continued to give them more and more for free. And when you eventually get to the point of asking them to buy something — even if the price is very reasonable — they run as fast as they can in the other direction in search of more stuff they can get for free.

What I’ve just described is the model taught by so many marketing experts and commonly referred to as a “marketing funnel”. But as you’re experiencing in your own business, the marketing funnel is irretrievably broken. And unless you stop using this damaging model and replace it with a more effective model, your sales will continue to be disappointing.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution called The Marketing Ladder Blueprint you can use to reverse this financially damaging situation completely. It shifts the focus of your marketing from constantly giving things away for free to working only with paying customers (which is much easier than you might think). And as counter-intuitive as this may sound at first, this new model results in you making far more sales while dramatically reducing the time and money you invest in marketing.

So let me take you on a quick tour of how this all works. I’ll start by showing you how the disastrous model of giving so much away for free got started in the first place, followed by how The Marketing Ladder Blueprint turns that around and actually helps you make far more sales by marketing less.

And here’s my promise to you: the eye-opening information you’re about to discover on this web page can be applied immediately to increase your sales and profits. And it has the potential to change your business forever.

So let’s get started with some quick background on how marketing got to the state it’s currently in.

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