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Animals are the direct product of their environment. They reactively evolve over-time based on external circumstances. The process of their evolution is slow and random.
Human-beings are the indirect product of their environment. Although the environment is the medium through which humans adapt and evolve, our choices determine our environments.
This is the fundamental difference.
We get to decide the course and intensity of our personal evolution by intelligently designing our environments. By purposefully embracing difficult environments, and by cultivating highly conscious habits, you will actualize as a human being and experience complete freedom over the direction of your life.
Praise For This Book
“As Seneca once said, ‘Life without a design is erratic.’ Benjamin Hardy is one of my favorite young writers because he shows interesting and effective ways to organize and design our lives so that we can live and be how we wish.”
–Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle is the Way
“In an age when few people think deeply about life, Benjamin Hardy is the exception. This collection of essays will challenge everything you think you know about yourself and the world around you and give you a practical plan for how to live the life you wish you had. Read it if you want to be better.”
–Jeff Goins, author of The Art of Work
“One of the marks of a great writer is being able to make you think without making you think about the writing. Benjamin Hardy pulls this off terrifically in his new book. How to Consciously Design Your Ideal Future fulfills the promise of its title and will make you think differently about your work and life–in a beautiful way.”
–Shane Snow, CCO of Contently and author of Smartcuts
“Uncommonly thoughtful: that’s what I think of when I read Benjamin Hardy’s work. His is a roving curiosity, and it’s a privilege for those of us who read him to see who he has read and thought about and engaged with. The result is the best kind of intellectual buffet:Benjamin draws on ancient thinkers, the latest research, poetry, and stories of all types to help us understand how we can be and do better. Get this book, and you’ll be left, like I often am, grateful for having Benjamin Hardy in your life.”
–Jimmy Soni, editor at the Observer and author of Rome’s Last Citizen
“Designing your life with intent is the best way to ensure you won’t look back upon it with regret. This requires taking stock of who you are and what you do and making the changes to match who you want to be and what you want to do. “Just be yourself”is a terrible platitude for accepting the random attributes of character you’ve acquired thus far. Benjamin sets out to provoke thoughts that’ll help you in this process. You don’t need to agree with all the prescriptions to realize the value of considering them and picking what’s right for you. But giving them thought and consideration will be worth your time.”
–David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails, founder & CTO at Basecamp (formerly 37signals), and author of Rework
“This book will not only provide you with practical advice on how to live your ideal life, but will help you reframe your psychology so that it’s possible.”
–Emerson Spartz, one of the world’s leading experts on internet virality, CEO of Dose, and the founder of MuggleNet, the #1 Harry Potter website
“Benjamin Hardy curates his most viral and influential pieces into one powerful ‘little red book’ that’s destined to change lives and motivate readers to evolve by choice. Powerful, life-changing, and inspiring. ‘Life is busy.’ This is all too true. Making time to read this book will change your life.”
–Lizzie Harwood, author of Xamnesia: Everything I Forgot in my Search for an Unreal Life
“Your Ideal Future leaves you feeling inspired–like you have no choice but to commit to what you believe you should do. Read Hardy’s book and discover a holistic approach to happiness, success and your ideal lifestyle.”
–Richie Norton, author of The Power of Starting Something Stupid
“I am fascinated by all things performance. Every article Benjamin writes challenges me stretch a little further and dig a little deeper. Now, imagine Benjamin’s best work perfectly curated for you with incremental purpose. The result is Your Ideal Future.”
–Joe Jacobi, Olympic Gold Medalist and Performance Consultant
“Whenever I read Benjamin’s work I feel motivated, energized and hopeful about the future.  The way he writes and encourages his readers lets us know that we have almost complete and utter control of our lives, the way we live and what we can expect. Always brilliant and very well researched.”
–Jane Barlow Christensen, CEO Barlow Herbal Specialties
“Benjamin Hardy is the “Aristotle”of the millennial generation. Period.”
–Steve Down, President & Founder of Financially Fit, Even Stevens, The Falls Event Center, Blue Fish CE, and Storm Maker Media
“This book will literally change how you live and work. Benjamin is an amazing and passionate writer. The ideas in this book will help you reinvent yourself and design the future you want. It’s never too late to start over. Everything you need to plan an amazing life has been covered by Benjamin. Your Ideal Future will guide you to find your true north.”
–Thomas Oppong, founder at All Top Startups, Curator at Postanly and Contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine
“Insightful, motivational and necessary: Benjamin’s understanding of the human passions will encourage you to design your future and teach you how to be intentional about your next steps.”
–Alba Lanuza, copywriter and blogger

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