Social Email Marketing Blueprint

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on Facebook Marketing, spend HOURS interviewing industry insiders, and actually go out in the field and DO this stuff like I have.

Spend the next 3 hours going through my training that condenses down everything I’ve learned about leveraging facebook to build highly profitable email list into an Easy to Follow System.

No fluff and NO B.S. Just the raw information and systems you need to Start building responsive list (in any niche) using the power of everyone’s favorite social network.
Here’s Just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover?

My Proprietary “RCEV Method”:
This is my step by step method to going from having no facebook page, no list, and no idea about the niche that I’m looking to go after, to dominating that niche and getting a ton of email list subscribers in days (not weeks). This is the exact sequence of steps that I use every time I go into a new niche and how I use Facebook to build my email list quickly.

The “No Pay Salesman” Tactic:
I’ll show you the way that I get thousands of people to tell their friends about my optin pages so that I can build huge email list fast in any niche without having to pay anyone. If you’re ready to “Crowdsource Your Traffic” for free? this on tactic will change your entire business.

My “Secret Weapon Autoresponder”:
I’m breaking a big rule with this one but I’ll also be showing you one of the underground email autoresponder tools we use that makes it easy for me to write emails that people believe I am talking to them directly when I write and email”, (this is good because when people feel like I’m speaking just to them? our profitability goes way up).

The “Optin Spike Contest Method”
This one tactic is something we just started using a few months back and it consistently adds 100-1000 people to our email list with an average cost of $15 to do it. I’ve never taught this publicly before because its so ripe for abuse? but I’ll be showing you how inside.
Imagine Being Able To?

Use my exact “Nothing to Something Huge” System that will force you to Understand Who your audience is and how to get them to take Action on Your Offers.
Implement our Dead Simple “Optin Spike Contest” Method to bring in 100-1000 new subscribers every time you use it.
Take advantage of our “Page Seed Methodology” that allows you to grow facebook pages with cheap ads and turn them off quickly because you won’t need them anymore after a few days (the viral traffic takes over from there).
Fit Our Secret “5 Part Email Sequence” to any niche you go after so that you can use the same type of email sequence that has been responsible for over 7 Figures in my Business this year alone.

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