Ben Adkins - Digital Product Lab

Digital Product Lab (formerly known as the Syndicate) is one of our “flagship” products and one that makes us especially proud.  It consists of 10 live sessions (afterwards we’ll provide the recordings) where we go through and lay out our entire business that sold over 1.2 million dollars worth of products in 2013 and the exact plan we’ll be using to grow even bigger than that in 2014.

This covers everything from product creation and setup, copywriting (with templates for everything), long-term affiliate relationship building and management, to running pre-launches and launches properly, as well as all the tricks and tactics on the backend to not have to launch every month and do it on our terms.  The last session is an extra special session where we lay out our entire software business from concept to sale, our strategies for purchasing software rights and monetizing them throughout our funnels.  Bottom line, Digital Product Lab is our 2014 Million Dollar Business Blueprint.

This won’t be cheap.  It will be selling for $2,000 which is a steal considering we spent all of 2013 refining, templating, and systemizing these processes so they work in any market that purchases info products.  This product will work for anyone from people who’ve never created a product or launched one to advanced marketers looking for a MAJOR edge to scale their info product business by 2-3x in 2014.

Digital Product Lab is our 2014 Million Dollar Business Blueprint and anyone who implements it will have the most profitable year they’ve ever had in 2014.

Name Product:  Ben Adkins – Digital Product Lab
Market price: $1,995.00
Author: Ben Adkins
Size: 2.56 GB

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