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The Method Works: Most importantly, the method taught in this course works. I myself have built businesses of this nature and there are countless success stories from DSL students that I’m sure you’ve seen. The course does a good job of showing you the process required for starting a drop ship business: deciding on a niche, finding suppliers, building your website, getting traffic then optimizing and automating your store. It’s a logical process when you think about it and this course does a great job of showing you how to go about each step.
I cringe when I see people on forums say “You don’t need a course to learn this stuff; it’s all available for free online”. Well, certain information might be, but there’s a lot to be said about following a step-by-step course of some kind. Even if the information is out there on blogs and forums, good luck trying to piece it all together and sift through bad and outdated advice. Literally every time I see someone make that above statement, I also witness people asking numerous questions that a course like Drop Ship Lifestyle can answer in minutes, and see replies from inexperienced people that in many cases give straight up bad advice. The cost of avoiding all that noise and misinformation by following a good course? Priceless.
Video Tutorials: I like the fact that Drop Ship Lifestyle is video based, so very visual. Anton literally has a video for each module where he does slideshow presentations and a screen recording of him going through the process of what he’s telling you to do himself. It’s always easier when you actually watch someone do something, rather than having them simply describe the process to you. This helps a lot.
Private Members Forum: Aside from the core training modules, a key resource in DSL is the private members forum. This is incredibly valuable. You will no doubt have questions and run into roadblocks on your path to building a drop ship business, but with access to a forum like this, there are always members that can offer help and advice. Many people also like to create “progress threads” which they keep updated with the progress they’re making on their store as well as what they need to do. This can be a great way to keep you accountable and get involved with the community.
I always prefer forums like this that are private for course members only as you know that everyone inside has the same goals as you and are following the same methods. As opposed to public forums where you can receive all sorts of contradicting opinions and straight up bad advice.
Access to Live Events: This is pretty awesome. As part of your membership of Drop Ship Lifestyle, you can attend the annual “DLS Retreat”. So far this live event has been held in Chiang Mai and Krabi, Thailand, both STUNNING parts of the world that really showcase the “lifestyle” aspect of Drop Ship Lifestyle and the sort of locations you can visit when you own a location independent business.
The retreat typically includes expert presentations, co-working, one on one help and other “business” focused activities during the first half of each day, with the latter part of the day giving way to fun activities, sight seeing, meals together and general socializing and networking.
While this may not appeal to everyone, if it’s the sort of thing you would like to attend, it’s a huge perk to being a member of DSL. You could even use it as motivation to have your own drop ship store earning enough money to pay for your trip out to the event. That’s absolutely, 100% doable.
Good Shopping Cart Choice (for Beginners): Another thing I like about Anton’s approach to building an ecommerce store is his choice of shopping cart: Shopify. This is quite significant as much of the course material on building out your store is specific to this shopping cart platform.
Shopify is a 3rd party hosted shopping cart software that, for $29 a month, includes everything you need get started.
I’ve used several shopping cart platforms over the years and, while it isn’t perfect, I do lean towards Shopify, at least for those just starting out. It’s very easy to get to grips with and build a beautiful, functional store.
You may have heard of WordPress and the Woocommerce ecommerce plugin, and wondered if that was a better solution since it’s free, but I would be much more in favor of a service like Shopify. By the time you add in modules for accepting payments in Woocommerce (an added cost) and purchase a half decent theme, it’s far from free. I’m not against Woocommerce, but I think for someone just starting out, Shopify is a better option.
“Shopify Payments”, Shopify’s own payment processor, makes it very quick and easy to start accepting credit cards on your store.
There are certainly pros and cons to the various shopping cart providers but for someone starting out on their first store, Shopify is perfect. With DSL, various parts of the course will reference Shopify, everyone in the forum will be using it so it’s easy to get help and there’s even a Shopify web design course included with the program.
Comprehensive Adwords Training Course: New to DSL since I first wrote this review, is the addition of a very extensive training course about Google Adwords PPC and Google Shopping, by Michael Erickson of SearchScientists.com. This is a HUGE addition!
Michael was a presenter at the 2015 DSL retreat, giving an awesome presentation on Google Shopping campaign optimization (a recording of which is available inside DSL) and he clearly knows his stuff.
The addition of this training is VERY valuable and a fantastic enhancement of DSL. It’s fair to say you will know more about PPC advertising on Google that 99% of people (and your competitors) after going through this material!
Other New Additions in DSL 4.0: The latest version of the course has seen quite a few other additions and enhancements too.
First of all, the course now has a much better structure and is presented on a better platform. Each module is broken up into separate step-by-step sections, which you can mark as completed as you make your way through the course.
Each section of the course also now has the ability for users to add comments. If you need clarification or want to ask a question about a particular section, you can leave a comment inside that part of the course. People are taking advantage of this and Anton is proactive in answering these comments, allowing you to benefit from other member’s questions.

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