Anson Alexander – Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube

Join experienced YouTube channel optimizer Anson Alexander as he shares his strategies for succeeding on the world’s largest video platform. This course isn’t about shooting and uploading video; instead, it shows marketers and channel administrators how to create a winning presence and monetize their videos on YouTube, where more than 6 billion hours of video are watched monthly.

Anson explains how to create a channel, join the Partner Program, attract subscribers, and interact with your audience through comments. Then learn how to personalize your YouTube channel’s About page, create engaging playlists, and customize content to draw in subscribers. The course also explores how to optimize videos for search engines; add annotations, notes, and links; and use YouTube’s InVideo Programming. Finally, Anson shows how to use YouTube Analytics, explaining which statistics to focus on in order to better guide your content strategy.

Topics include:
* Creating a business account on YouTube
* Applying to the Partner Program
* Receiving payments
* Attracting subscribers
* Creating playlists
* Optimizing videos for SEO
* Using YouTube Analytics

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