Anik Singal - Inbox Blueprint
This course is about creating an email marketing BUSINESS. I’m going to teach you how to create a real, sustainable business that has longevity – and that you can feel good about. I have been an online entrepreneur for more than 10 years. During that time I tried many different types of businesses. But if I could recommend just ONE business model to my closest friends, my dearest family members, my spouse or my kids, it would be email marketing. Thanks to email marketing, I have built a multi-million dollar company. And more importantly, email marketing has provided me with freedom and choice in my life.

What this Course is NOT

1. This course is not a get rich quick scheme.
2. It’s not about making just a few dollars here and there online.
3. It’s definitely not about cashing in on Internet fads that are only short-term.
4. It’s not about spending thousands of dollars on infrastructure, offices, or hiring employees.

The blueprint is the same system I used to build my business. It’s not a complicated business. Thousands of my students have replicated this business successfully. They are what I call “inboxers.” You can be an inboxer, too.

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