Andy Jenkins And Mike Filsaime - Traffic Genesis (2014)

It is basically a (beginners) course on Facebook Advertising.
I haven’t gone through it yet, but the prelaunch had some good content.

    It teaches you 2 basic things:
1. how to research for building a custom audience
2. how to Optimise your ad-spends using oCPM, CPC, CPM.

    Basic description:
Traffic Genesis is an internet marketing training system that has been developed by Mike Filsame and Andy Jenkins. This training system has been designed to give internet marketers the information they need to effectively use Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising can be one of the most powerful advertising methods currently on the internet – if you know how to go about using it effectively.
The training is divided into 8 modules as follows:

    Module 1 – Foundation
This module prepares you for the entire business model and helps to clear your mind and to prepare your advertising plan. It illustrates the essential info about FB ads and how to prepare your strategy to get the best results with your campaigns.

    Module 2 – Market Research
This module blows my mind!! It is all about understanding who your customers are, what do they need and what makes them buy. There’s no guess-work here as Laura introduces you to the tools she uses to research the market and see what competitors are doing and what gets them results. Not only taking advantage of what is already working in your niche, but finding the hot trends in your niche at the moment and making the best use out of them.

    Module 3 – Facebook Ads
Here comes the real business! This module has 11 sub-modules that cover whatever you can imagine about Facebook advertising starting from different ad types till following rules of Facebook. This module focuses on optimization, analysis, tracking, ads changing and building audiences to create highly profitable campaigns as soon as possible with the highest ROI. Honestly, Laura has a different approach that all other marketers who teach FB advertising.

    Module 4 – Advanced Strategies
This module is all about power editor (the most powerful tool created by Facebook). Laura walks you through the power editor and how to use it to create and edit ads. Then she covers targeting and retargeting your defined audiences and some tips and tricks on different ad types that enable you to achieve big success.

    Module 5 – Tracking Success
This module is all about tracking the success of your campaigns to ensure you get the maximum conversions and sales. Some tracking will be done by FB reports and some by Google Analytics (Don’t track, and I guarantee you’ll lose your shirt)!

    Module 6 – Testing to Get Better Results
What to test and how to test are what you’ll learn here. Laure reveals a little secret tool she uses to test and create multiple ads to get the best out of each ad campaign. You’ll learn how to test in time and cost-effective method.

    Module 7 – Getting Assistance
This is on how to get help when you need. You’ll learn in this module that you are not alone, and you can get help very quickly.

    Module 8 – Retargeting Outside of Facebook
What you learned till now is retargeting inside Facebook, but this module will teach you how to do retargeting outside of Facebook using different services that will allow your brand or whatever you promote to spread all over the Internet that will make your prospects see you as an authority who has a presence everywhere.

Name Product: Andy Jenkins And Mike Filsaime – Traffic Genesis (2014) Module 1- 8
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