Andre Chaperon - Sphere of Influence
Andre Chaperon – Sphere of Influence
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Sphere of Influence – one day offer of a product that will only be available in 2018.
In this course, you’ll learn how to build out a Sphere of Influence Funnel, then expose people to it.

What You’ll Learn:
deep motherf#cking ideal customer research,
then mapping this to a CHAIN OF BELIEFS,
within the frame of a PRESELL SITE (and NETWORK),
then EXPOSING people to this through a STORY NARRATIVE,
that connects with their story,
and rewrites the ending within a frame you control,
where you earn their ATTENTION,
which ATTRACTS (PULLS) them towards you,
right into your email funnel,
where you get to build trust, deepen rapport, and influence their beliefs and behavior in your direction.

What’s the difference between Autoresponder Madness (ARM) and Sphere of Influence (SOI)?
ARM is all about email (everything that happens AFTER someone adds themself to your email list—it does NOT cover any list building).
SOI, for the most part, is everything that happens BEFORE the opt-in.
ARM and SOI solve two very different problems — but they work TOGETHER like a hand and glove, to create a full ecosystem for: attracting the best people into your sphere of influence, shaping their beliefs, worldview, and perceptions, then using email to deepen and extent that relationship over time.
Both SOI and ARM are strategic frameworks that I developed after been exposed to Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Preeminence back in 2004/05.
In a nutshell, SOI is all about creating marketing that affects what people NEED to BELIEVE, REALIZE and AGREE to in ADVANCE, before they can ACCEPT the NEED for the product or service you have for sale.
Email is the perfect delivery vehicle to use (extend) SOI, to change what your audience need to believe in order to move closer towards you (your ideas, products and solutions, etc).

“This is an amazing piece of writing and hugely helpful, thanks Andre!”
-Jordan Luke

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