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If you think it’s about starting a business you’re missing the point. It’s about creating a life of Freedom!
Many people dream of a better lifestyle than that of corporate employment. That is why they start their own business to begin with. They would love to use their skills and talents to live a life on their own terms, to travel, work from wherever, whenever – while earning the same or more than their previous salary of course. But most coaches, creative and wellness practitioners never figure out how to make this happen.
But you have already done step one: you know the FreedomPreneur lifestyle exists and you have an idea or have launched your business! Congratulations! You have done well so far, most people don’t even get that far.
And it started well, you had a lot of interest and leads from your existing network, but they are drying up, and you are stuck. You lacking the proper strategy to market your business and create the FreedomPreneur Lifestyle you desire.
Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.
Online Business Education
The 90 Days To Freedom programme is an immersive 90 day online business programme. It builds the foundations that many struggling coaches, creative & wellness practitioners miss out they first start in business. It brings structure and strategy to your business, letting your grow it toward the FreedomPreneur Lifestyle.
Done With You
This programme is not one sided, it is ‘done with you’. The team and your peers are available to review your work, and the content is structured so you learn AND do at the same time. Meaning that you make progress faster.
The 90 Days Alumni are amongst the most supportive and inspirational people we have ever met. And they are all there for you. During the group calls and in our online community you will have the support, experience and encouragement of other professionals – just like you. People that are driven, ambitious and striving for excellence.
Professional Experts
It is designed specifically for expert professionals, like you, who are already in business. You know what you are good at, you now you want to have an impact and grow a business that gives you more time, money and freedom then it does right now.
We Can Help You Reach Your Goal
Most new entrepreneurs and business owners have zero experience of running a business. You are talented at what you do, which is why you started your business, but you just don’t know how to make ‘the business’ work.
Even my clients with a traditional marketing background find themselves on a huge learning curve once they start their own small business.
There is so much to learn, and you have to become a jack-of-all-trades in the process – website setup, social media marketing, copywriting, tech, graphic design, accounting and more. When you’re starting out, it’s overwhelming. You don’t know what you don’t know.
Which Is Why I Created The 90 Days To Freedom Programme. I work with you to create solid foundation upon which you can grow a strong, viable business.
Fast Track With An Expert
Instead of trying to make it all up as you go along, use the formula or structure that has worked for someone else. A complete strategy that has been proven to create long lasting business success and momentum. Not just some snake oil marketing concept.
Get support from someone who has been there before, and understands not only the pitfalls, but also the common errors early stage entrepreneurs make.
Commit 100% to the process and achieve greater results.
Make sure you have a community of like-minded people around you, who understand your dreams and will give you the emotional support and motivation you need.
In other words, allow yourself to be shown the way and fast tracked through the entire business building process.
This programme has been specifically designed for the early stage entrepreneur or small business owner.
– Framework – we focus on doing less rather than doing more. We could teach you hundreds of marketing techniques and get you being really busy, but this doesn’t grow your business. Focus and strategies grow your business. This is what makes us different.
– Practical, action-oriented video modules that walk you through exactly how to market your business.
– In depth printable worksheets to accompany the videos and guide you through the work.
– Membership to the exclusive online community of coaches, creative and wellness practitioners all growing their businesses.
– Continuous support and encouragement from Amanda and Matthew.
– Access the material from any desktop, laptop or smartphone, wherever you are.

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