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Discover a Proven 5-Step Process to Optimize Your Internet Marketing System … So You Generate More Income Faster, Better and Easier
Increase the pulling power of your web copy … so you generate more leads and sales
Convert more web site visitors into cash-paying customers
Easily generate bigger and more varied streams of web site traffic from multiple sources
Build strategic relationships with other experts and companies that can help to promote your products, services and events
Leverage social media to build strong relationships and develop a worldwide community of students and customers

Module 1:     Web Copy (Big Rock #1)
How to Optimize the Pulling-Power of Your ‘Off-Page’ Web Copy Marketing Promotions
The 3 critical reasons that web copy is so important for growing your business
The 6-step process that provides the fastest and easiest method for annihilating writers block
The single-biggest mistake that most marketers make when developing their marketing plans and messages

Module 2:     Templates (Optimization Jar)
“How to Optimize Tested Templates, Tools and Technologies to Accelerate Business Growth”
The true definition of a template … and the 3 biggest reasons you should use templates as much as possible in your Internet business
The 4-word mantra that can help you skillfully avoid the costliest mistake that sinks many businesses
A proven 5-step process for implementing templates … and the part that most people completely miss

Module 3:     Web Copy (BIG ROCK #1)
“How to Optimize the Pulling-Power of Your ‘On-Page’ Web Copy Marketing Promotions”
The #1 thing that will increase the quality of your life more than any other marketing activity (hint: it all happens on your web page)
Proven strategies to involve more web site visitors and boost your response rates
9 critical steps to follow if you want to maximize the pulling power of your web page copy … and the correct order in which to use these steps

Module 4:     Web Conversion (BIG ROCK #2)
“How to Utilize Personas to Optimize Online, Offline and In-Store Customer Experiences”
The true definition of a marketing persona … and the 3 key ways it helps to improve customer experiences and boost results
An introduction to the Platinum Rule … and how it helps industry leaders rise to the top (adopt this rule to simplify the process of creating a marketing experience that customers enjoy)
A proven 7-step process for developing marketing personas that connect with your ideal customers

Module 5:     Web Conversion (BIG ROCK #2)
“How to Optimize the Pulling-Power of Your Opt-In Pages and Website Promotions”
3 ways that paying attention to web conversion will benefit your business (hint: most people talk about “conversion rate” … but this actually only a fraction of what you need to pay attention to)
The 5-step process for improving your web conversion … and which steps most marketers avoid or overlook
The 4 types of people that will come into your world … and the type that’s most valuable to your business (discover how to nurture the people who become raving fans and refer others to your company)

Module 6:     Web Traffic (BIG ROCK #3)
“How to Optimize Your Article Marketing to Grow Your Online List Faster, Better, Easier”
The 4 core steps to begin using article marketing to distribute content and build your list
How to become an effective article marketer … even if you can’t write
The hands-down best site to use when distributing your articles

Module 7:     Web Traffic (BIG ROCK #3)
“How to Optimize Online PR to Rocket the Growth and Visibility of your Business”
The 6 steps to building an effective online PR campaign that boosts your visibility and credibility (most marketers skip at least 2 of these steps … dramatically limiting their results)
How PR can help you reach audiences that other marketing methods don’t touch … particularly those with great influence
Key ways that PR has changed … and why this is good news for any budget-conscious entrepreneur

Module 8:     Web Traffic (BIG ROCK #3)
“How to Optimize and Cash-In on Your Search Engine Traffic and Pay-Per-Click Advertising”
The 6 most important steps to optimizing your web site for search engines … so you can increase your exposure, traffic and revenue
Is SEO really worth it? Get the final answer (hint: there are some significant downsides)
How SEO can help you lower your pay-per-click advertising costs … if done correctly

Module 9:     Strategic Alliances (BIG ROCK #4)
“How to Optimize Your Performance and Profits Through the Leverage of Strategic Alliances”
The key differences between joint ventures and strategic alliances … and the 3 most powerful ways the latter can help you grow your business quickly
The 5 vital questions to ask before making a strategic alliance … and the order in which to ask them (most people ask these questions in the wrong sequence, which results in aligning with the wrong companies)
Nervous about approaching potential partners to suggest a strategic alliance? Here are 3 “soft” approaches you can use to indicate your interest without going too far out on a limb

Module 10:     Social Media (BIG ROCK #5)
“How to Optimize Social Media Marketing to Attract More Customer Relationships & Profits
The top 3 reasons you can’t afford to ignore social media – it’s not a fad that will fizzle out
The 5-phase process for incorporating social media into your marketing mix
Why technology is not important to your social media success … and what to focus on instead

Module 11:     Social Media (BIG ROCK #5)
“How to Optimize Social Media Marketing and Promotional Reach Utilizing Twitter”
Think Twitter is a cute pastime? You won’t after you discover these 3 truths about how the micro-blogging platform gives you a huge advantage over competitors
6 steps to building a profitable and effective Twitter strategy (hint: skip any of these steps and it will quickly become a waste of time)
6 key questions to ask yourself to see if you’re ready to leverage Twitter to reach millions

Module 12:     Social Media (BIG ROCK #5)
“How to Optimize Social Media Marketing and Promotional Reach Utilizing Facebook”
The 3 biggest obstacles to success with Facebook … and how to overcome them (even when the platform changes rapidly)
Key reasons that businesses incorporate Facebook into their marketing mix
10 steps to maximizing your reach and influence on Facebook … including tips to help you limit the amount of time you spend online

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