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ASource University – SEO Software Training
Alex Becker is at it again creating Source University, set to release in February 2015 with partner and developer Gregory Ortiz. Alexander Becker said “I can spill the beans on this one. Source University will be a beginner to intermediate SEO training membership source lead by myself and Mr.Ortiz. The goal is to have a place for new comers to fully learn how to do SEO and for intermediates to perfect the skill. It will have monthly updated training and Q/A webinars. Myself and Gregory will also be ranking sites live for you guys over and over as case studies. It will be between 47 to 97 dollars per month (we have not decided on the final price yet)”
Gregory Ortiz says I’m SUPERBLY excited for it. We will be teaching you guys from soup to nuts everything to help you take your SEO craft and business to the next level. It’s going to be a great year.
Source University will be opening around the beginning of February to around 100 charter monthly members only.
Because we are just starting to fill the training archives and the tools/software for the program are still being made we will be offering the first 100 members a powerful discount for life.
With that being said Source University is going to be a complete training program for beginner and intermediate SEO with the intent of taking you from zero to 100+ dollars a day. AKA everything you need to be able to properly start a career in this field.
You will also be getting trained from people that make over 5 figures a month and know their stuff. Not marketers and big talkers. Just plain old simple income earners. We will also be having guest speaker 7 figure SEOs regularly join our classes to teach a thing or too
Think of it a kinda like getting an actual education on what is ACTUALLY working in SEO and being shown how to make it generate income for you. We are not going to be making it super fancy or techy, we will simply be educating you on the the only results that matter : ranking and generating an income.
We will also be including some very cool tools and software to help you work with other members and improve your SEO.
The price will not be more than $100 a month and probably a lot less. We want to make something that is accessible to everyone and THE place to go when starting SEO and shifting into actually making money.

Includes all videos available in the course as of early June 2015.
Alex Becker – Source University – Zero to 100 SEO Training (2015)

–:– 01 Beginner Lesson Classes
–:– 02 Intermediate Classes
–:– 03 Link Building
–:– 04 Client SEO
–:– 05 Guest Speakers
–:– 06 Q-A Webinars

01 Beginner Lesson Classes
04:43 00 Beginner Classes — Source University.mp4
05:47 01 How Money is Made with SEO.mp4
09:09 02 The 4 Cores Of SEO Rankings.mp4
08:21 03 Choosing Niches and Offers.mp4
24:56 04 (Bonus)Wordpress and Hosting Set Up.mp4
20:42 05 Setting Up Our First SEO Site.mp4
20:42 06 Building Our First Links.mp4

02 Intermediate Classes
32:28 01 Advanced On Page SEO.mp4
34:54 02 Advanced Competition Analysis.mp4
08:21 03 Choosing Affiliate Offers.mp4
12:11 04 Choosing Affiliate Keywords.mp4
17:58 05 Client Rental Method.mp4
10:59 06 Foreign SEO Loophole.mp4
18:08 07 SEO Penalties and Anchor Text .mp4
08:51 08 Social SEO Stacking Explained.mp4
20:15 09 Total Ranking Case Study PT 1.mp4
21:30 10 Total Ranking Case Study PT 2.mp4
10:28 11 Selling PBNs 101.mp4
22:08 12 Leveraging Name Jet and Snap Names.mp4
07:51 13 May Case Study Rankings 1.mp4
31:04 14 May Case Study Rankings 2.mp4

03 Link Building
14:17 01 PBNs Explained.mp4
12:41 02 Perfect PBN Metrics.mp4
27:19 03 Bidding Smart On PBNs.mp4
27:19 04 XPerfect PBN Set UpX.mp4
13:46 05 Worlds Simplest PBN Strategy.mp4
10:44 06 Link Services Made Easy.mp4
14:19 07 Youtube Rankings Explained.mp4
14:44 08 Parasite Page Rankings.mp4
13:39 09 Rental Site Linking Explained.mp4

04 Client SEO
04:36 01 Getting Started With Client SEO.mp4
06:41 02 My Business Laid Out.mp4
13:32 03 Client Getting VOL 1.mp4
13:52 04 Client Getting VOL 2.mp4
10:24 05 Beginning To Rank Clients.mp4
14:01 06 How Much To Charge Clients.mp4
15:30 07 Building Foundational Links.mp4
16:10 08 SPYFU Client Getting.mp4
18:22 09 Ranking With Citations.mp4
18:22 10 Google My Business PT1.mp4
15:44 11 Google My Business PT2.mp4
14:33 12 Mobile-Geddon Gold Rush.mp4
10:13 13 Advanced Client On Page 1.mp4
17:51 14 Advanced Client On Page 2.mp4
09:54 15 Review Local Domination.mp4

05 Guest Speakers
61:44 01 Kotton Grammer and Getting Clients.mp4

06 Q-A Webinars
62:01 01 make as much money as possible, extensive PBN tactics, and 3 step link strategies.mp4
62:01 02 hosting and extensive PBN set up and protection tactics.mp4
65:13 03 local SEO client getting and client rankings.mp4
61:20 04 secret squirrel PBN building and deep competition analysis.mp4
63:58 05 local SEO and real estate SEO.mp4
36:55 06 local and social rankings.mp4
47:08 07 easiest ways to get clients in your local area.mp4
58:01 08 essential of correct PBN building and finding PBNs.mp4
68:02 09 client rankings and client getting.mp4

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