Aimee Nicotera - 2x2 Conditioning Volume 2 (2014)

Take 20 Core brings you through a workout designed to strengthen your abdominals and back muscles. Enjoy tightening your middle, while building a strong center for improved posture and pain free movement
Take 20 Cardio Step guides you through a rhythmic session of fluid movement on and around the step bench. Sweat, burn fat and improve the health of your heart while enjoying this fun, low impact cardio workout
Take 20 Stretch focuses on improving muscle flexibility and joint range of motion. Learn how to use a towel and your breath to get deeper into each stretch and promote overall relaxation.
Bonus Take 20 Cardio Grooves gets you moving your body through a cardio routine incorporating both dance and athletic steps. Enjoy a fast paced, fun way to sweat and torch calories. Low and high impact options are available throughout the workout.
Aimee Nicotera has been involved in the health and fitness industry for 20 years, as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and health educator. Aimee holds a BS degree in Nutrition Science and a MS degree in Health Education, as well as multiple fitness certifications including those through ACE, AFAA. and ACSM. Aimee enjoys encouraging people of all ages to choose well, move well and be well!

Name Product: Aimee Nicotera – 2×2 Conditioning Volume 2
Market price: $18.99
Author: Aimee Nicotera
Size: 459 MB

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