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Adult traffic is one of the most reliable traffic source:
Dirt cheap & EVERGREEN (will never go away)
Huge volume (virtually unlimited)
Never ending supply of FRESH visitors
Extremely “marketable” demographics
Easy campaign approvals
High converting traffic can come in fast & furious – one of the keys to banking $1,000 – $5,000 per day with CPA offers
It’s a traffic source so powerful, that once mastered, can bring you untold riches.
But that’s another subject.
This course will be focusing on the EASY one: making money fast promoting “mainstream” dating CPA offers using adult traffic sources.
In other words: monetizing adult traffic sources with “mainstream” dating offers.
adutl traffic + dating offers = match made in money heaven
Dating is one of the biggest evergreen niches there is. Dating offers are among the easiest CPA offers to convert and build yourself a SIZABLE BANKROLL quickly.
adult traffic + dating offers = vast money pot
It’s the “easiest” combo for anyone to come in and make life changing amount of money as an affiliate/CPA marketer.
All will be revealed in the course.
The traffic sources, the exact types of banners & landing pages as well as the offers, all from real life 6-figure campaigns.The What, the Where & the How.
No “made up” theories of blind (or half-blind) trying to lead the blind (or shall we say, “half-blind” trying to make a quick buck off the blind).
Contents will be delivered in a secure member’s area, organized into Information Modules and Action Modules.
No endless drivels of “brain dump” style of videos, tedious and time consuming to go through and impossible to refer back to later on.
Videos are used only for the contents that are best consumed by watching videos. Short and to the point.
Contents that contain more indepth information are delivered by PDF documents, easy to consume and refer back to later on whenever needed.
This is specially designed to cut down the “learning” phase dramatically and to enable you to:
Consume and absorb the vast amount of information quickly.
See your path of action right away, instead of feeling lost or left hanging to figure out what to do next on your own.
ACT ON and EXECUTE the information as you learn and go through it, instead of being put into a “passive” state of mind after watching endless videos.
Real Marketers. Real Results.
Two Packages to Suit Different Levels of Marketers
Information Module
The top 6 Self-Serve Adult Media Buy Traffic SourcesThese 6 are the only ones you should focus on. Fortunes are being made here. I’ll show you how to use each one – with “DEEP” inside information you won’t find anywhere else.
Don’t blindly set up another campaign without this ultimate guide.
The “2nd Tier” Self-Serve Adult Traffic Sources
Don’t waste a single cent on these adult traffic sources (I’ll show you what they are).
The JUNK Adult Traffic Sources
What they are and why you should avoid wasting your time and money on these.
Even if you do get any leads from these, most likely your leads will not work out for the advertisers and you will be kicked off from the offers very fast.
Action Module
To put you into INSTANT ACTION mode, I’ll give you:
These are exactly the same campaigns that generated the $221,382.33 windfall, for you to learn from, get inspirations and reverse engineer all of its “conversion elements” so that you can model after and create many of your own.
Included are the English and the German Campaign Packages.
Germany is another one of the most profitable countries and has huge volume. Included is the full-blown 100% localized German campaign that’s responsible for the bulk of the $221,381.33 windfall.

3 Simple Yet Powerful Conversion Secrets to Use to Create Hugely Profitable Campaigns, from landing pages to banner ads that get:
Higher than “usual” CTR (click through to ffers)
More than “usual” CONVERSIONS on the offers
– make more money from the same traffic without spending more    Extremely HIGH QUALITY leads

– you’ll get better payouts than others (instant earning boost)
– you’ll get to run high converting private offers (usually reserved only for super affiliates)
You don’t need “clever” copywriting (overrated). Just get these “3 things” right and you’ll have killer landing pages that bring in the money for you.
Includes Everything in Package #1, PLUS:
Scale your profitable campaigns faster for massive profits
My “Money In The Bank Method”: make massive profits from your small-budget test campaigns that are not even profitable – unique to adult media buys    Know BEFOREHAND:
1. What will be your bottomline PROFIT MARGIN (i.e your minimum ROI)
2. How much you’ll be making in terms of dollars and cents.
Most marketers have no problem running multiple low-budget test campaigns and often finding some of them very promising, but they just can’t seem to make them profitable.
So they abandon ship, not knowing that there is “another dimension”.
This will totally change the way you run your campaigns. No more blindly “throwing shit on the wall” (a.k.a. throwing money in the wind).
Wouldn’t THIS piece of information ALONE already be worth $1,997 or more to you?
Don’t worry, I’ll show you one of the ad servers that I use
Easy to use (I show you how)
Pay as you do, nomonthly commitment
Low ad serving fee
Advanced marketers can just skip this part
Video Instructions On:
Editing the landing pages & setting up tracking
1. Pull offer links from your CPA networks
2. Set them up in your tracking systems
3. Place the proper tracking codes back to your landing pages.
(I’ll cover Prosper202 and CPVLab)

Plus the best information on:
Getting into CPA networks even if you’ve never run a single CPA campaign
I’ll give your some specific “scripts” you can use in your applications and during the follow up phone or email interviews to get accepted.
Not just the generic advice that’s been floating around, such as “be proactive”, “give them a call after you apply”…etc.
I’ll give you 3 “magic paragraphs” to use that can “flip a switch” in their head to wanting you to join their networks.
Last but not the least, “media buy metrics” and which ones you need to focus on.
It covers everything you’ll ever need to know about Adult Media Buys.
It’s so complete that you can use it to create your own 6-figure campaigns without the need to buy any other extra piece of information from anywhere.
Is it worth $1,997 or more?
You bet.
All the information comes directly from the “trenches” of multi-million dollar adult media buying operation, battle tested, absolutely no “blind (or half blind) leading the blind”.
This was originally intended as a high priced product launch.
But I changed my mind, realizing what most over-priced product lanuches are for: they are designed to benefit the product owner & JV partners instead of the buyers who’d be better off using their limited funds to execute instead of spending all on the course.
So I decided to make this very affordable for most marketers who can really benefit from it without breaking the bank.

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