Tuts+ Premium - Effective eCommerce Design

Commerce drives the web, but how do you create an e-commerce website that’s effective and gets the money flowing? Adi Purdila has the answer, right here in this course.

Introduction 1m
Course Overview 1m

Theme Wireframes And Preparation 1h 18m 48s
The Homepage 13m 16s
The Category Page 7m
The Product Page 11m 36s
The Shopping Cart 7m 12s
The Checkout Process 12m
User Interface Elements: Swatches And Typography Styles 6m 36s
User Interface Elements: Buttons 12m 2s
User Interface Elements: Form Elements 9m 6s

The Homepage 1h 50m 24s
Header and Category Drop-down 16m 22s
Search, Guest Area and Empty Shopping Cart 16m 40s
Registered User Area and Populated Shopping Cart 16m 38s
Promotion Slider 18m 32s
Featured Products Area 20m 22s
Footer: Call To Action And Link Area 13m 46s
Footer: Bottom Area 8m 4s

The Category Page 41m 38s
Page Banner 16m 56s
Breadcrumbs and Sidebar 13m 2s
Products 11m 40s

The Product Page 33m 26s
Main Product Area 18m 4s
Product Description, Reviews and Related Products 15m 22s

The Shopping Cart And Checkout Pages 58m 38s
Shopping Cart 17m 32s
Checkout Method 11m 12s
Checkout Billing Information 8m 54s
Checkout Payment Method 13m 2s
Checkout Order Summary 7m 58s

The User Related Pages 32m 30s
Sign In and New Account 12m 30s
My Account Overview 5m 46s
Order History and Order Detail 14m 14s
The Secondary Pages 9m 44s
Contact Page 5m 4s
Generic Secondary Page, Sitemap and Search Results 4m 40s
Conclusion 31s
Final Words 31s

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