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The fully remastered Passive Print System takes you through every step needed to set up your own part-time newsletter business using a brilliantly simple plan based around “micro payments”.
With the Passive Print System you learn how to create a small, highly valuable, 2-3 page newsletter business based on any topic you find interesting. Each month your newsletter gets delivered to your subscribers on autopilot and each month, they automatically send you a small payment. And because your newsletter has real value to these people, they don’t cancel! This is a REAL business!
And it gets even better…

If you’re anything like I was when I was working a 9-5 job, you probably don’t have hours a day to create content for your newsletter. And that’s OK! Because just like Netflix didn’t create all those shows, you don’t have to create everything either! You’ll learn how to find, borrow and buy great content so if you don’t want to, you don’t have to write a word of it yourself!
Are You Starting To See Why People Are Calling This A “Golden Goose” Business?
Payments that don’t stop. Content you don’t have to create. Only a few hours required every week and once you start getting momentum you see growth that goes off the charts!

How does this cash cow keep growing without your involvement? Because people just don’t cancel! The low payment and high value means they stay subscribed forever. Which makes this by far, the most stable online business available! Just like a salary, you know exactly what you’re going to make every month… the only difference: With this business you can’t be fired and you get a raise every week!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Amazing Benefits Of This Passive Print Business!
You get paid on time, every month! (Just like a pay check, but more reliable!)
Your pay increases every month, which can’t be said for most jobs
You can completely replace a 9-5 income in as little as a month!
You work when you want, on what you want. No bosses, schedules or clocking in!
No dealing with clients. No chasing money.
This requires no specialized knowledge in any subject
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this! It’s really simple!
You get to pick and choose whatever subject you’re interested in! This business is fun and profitable!
It works from all over the world, in any language!
It will never stop working! This business model has been around as long as books have been printed!
Here Is Everything You’ll Learn In This Simple 7 Step System!

Step 1 – Finding Your Passion Or Problem
In Step 1 we lay the foundation for your business and find the perfect topic for your newsletter. You’ll learn about 3 different subscription models, evergreen, real-time and limited-time, and the benefits of each. You’ll learn how to chose a topic that is not only important to others, but also lucrative! And just in case you’re drawing a blank, you’ll also get an extensive list of proven newsletter topics to chose from!

Step 2 – Figuring Out Your Customers
Customers have said this is the most valuable business exercise they’ve ever gone through! This simple, 3 step, fill-in-the-blank process, gives you the “marketing holy grail”. You’ll learn EXACTLY what makes your ideal customers tick. You’ll discover what keeps them up at night worrying, what they’re passionate about and exactly what you have to do to get them to sign up to your newsletter now.
You’ll learn how to write a powerful mission statement which exemplifies who you are and what you stand for. This gives your newsletter strong sense of identity that makes people feel compelled to join!

Step 3 – Creating Your Opt-In Page
Your Opt-in page is the most highly trafficked piece of “real estate” in your new business! This is your store front and we’re going to make it beautiful! After going through Step 3 you’ll learn how to make your message powerful and to the point. You’ll discover the most important elements to opt-in page copy so your visitors can’t wait to sign up. Have writers block? Smash through it in minutes by using the proven opt-in copy examples provided!
BONUS: New alternate method not taught anywhere else! Get 40% Opt-In Rates Without Giving Anything Away!

Step 4 – Creating Your Sales Page
If your Opt-In Page is your store front, your Sales Page is the pro sales associate that will sell your newsletter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! A fantastic sales page can make or break a business and you’ll learn how to set one up the right way using the BRAND NEW “fill-in-the-blank” copy form.
This simple copy form has been tested hundreds of times and is proven to work even if you’ve never written a word of sales copy in your life! Just follow along and fill in the blanks. This is literally the easiest way you’ll ever find to creating sales material that sells!

Step 5 – Building Your Newsletter
In Step 5 you’ll learn about the “plug and play” newsletter format so all you have to do is fill in content. Not sure where to get the information for your newsletter? Through secret “reporter tricks” you’ll learn how to create, borrow or buy content for pennies per page! You’ll learn how to format your newsletter so your content stays fresh and exciting, making sure your subscribers keep paying you month after month. You’ll learn about things like Editors letters & “Sign off’s” that add a personal touch to your newsletter and make your subscribers feel like they’re engaging with a real business!

Step 6 – Setting It All Up
This entire program is built from the ground up to be as simple and linear as possible. Once you get to Step 6 you have all the materials you need to assemble your business. Just watch the short, 60 minute video and follow along in real time with me as we go through the easy to follow steps. This is all done in real time! No fast forwarding. Follow me mouse-click for mouse-click!
Finally you’ll learn how to test everything from beginning to end so you know your business is airtight and will generate sales for you for years to come!

Step 7 – Getting Sales
You’ve built your business, now it’s time to get sales rolling in! You’ll learn about customer profiling so you have strongly defined targets for your marketing. You’ll learn about the benefits of paid advertising vs free advertising.
You’ll learn about Market Message Match, Ad Types, Ad Copy, Targeting Strategies, Bidding Strategies, Testing and even how to guarantee you won’t get banned from Facebook! We’ll talk about social media marketing, partnerships, networking and how to get your business out into the REAL world!
And to make sure you only use advertising methods that are working for your specific business, I’ll show you all the important numbers to track and exactly how to fine tune your business like a mechanic fine tunes a car!This is literally everything you need to build a sustainable, valuable, real newsletter business!
This course was built from the ground up with you in mind. It has been highly refined. All the kinks are worked out. Start on page 1 of the book, follow along with the exercises, and by the time you get to the end in a few short hours you’ll have built yourself a business that will pay you for the rest of your life.