ACCA P1 Professional Accountant PA – Paper P1 (2008-2014)

Aim of the syllabus:
The aim of this paper is to enable you to apply relevant knowledge and skills, and exercise professional judgement in assessing strategic position, determining strategic choice, and implementing strategic action through beneficial business process and structural change.

You will also learn about coordinating knowledge systems and information technology and how to effectively managing quality processes, projects, and people within financial and other resource constraints.

Topics covered
The strategic position of an organisation
The strategic choices available to an organisation
Strategic action
Modelling and redesigning business processes
Information technology solutions
Quality technology solutions
Quality initiatives to implement and support the organisation’s strategy
Project management.

The examiner likes to see answers written in the context of the scenario set in the question. Try not to merely repeat theory from the Complete Text but try to be practical and offer advice suitable to the scenario.
The exam is split into two sections:
Section A – comprises one compulsory scenario-based question of 50 marks which could include qualitative information.
Section B – select two out of three questions worth 25 marks each. Section B could deal with any aspects of the syllabus.
(The format may change over time to avoid the exam becoming too predictable.)

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