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See where you can get the highest return on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Take this course to learn what works best for success on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram! Immediately see what each social media platform will work best to help you focus your learning on getting the highest return and the best results with your social media marketing! With millions of followers on social media that I built completely online with no outside funding or assistance, you can trust that what I share with you can have the potential to work for you as it does for me!
The idea with this course is to inspire you to answer the question which social network is where I should invest the majority of my time and which is worth trying? You get a detailed look at my history with social media marketing including how I repeatedly turned what seemed like failures into what consistently is called success now that I have a huge audience online. I honestly show you my failures and successes in the course to give you both practical tips and a little entertainment value.

What are the requirements?
You can use any level of knowledge you have about social media to get started with this course!
If you have an existing Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram account, you can skip straight to the most relevant section and then use the course to decide where else you might want to open accounts.
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 98 lectures and 7 hours of content!
Use Facebook to built successful long term relationships.
Make viral YouTube videos.
Build a Facebook page with more likes than you ever imagined.
Get found in organic search on LinkedIn.
Teach others what type of status will get the most clicks, likes, comments, and shares?
Drive website visits and online sales with tweets on Twitter.
Show up in search results for local businesses using Google+ pages.
Sell products online using Pinterest.
Know about the law of averaging principle in human psychology to discover why picking one social network and doing it really well is more powerful than doing 5 at an average level.
Get people you don’t know to accept you as a friend on Facebook.
Combine Facebook and Twitter to get boosted organic reach with CoPromote.
Make an all star LinkedIn profile.
Use LinkedIn to get people to read your blog.
Setup a Pinterest business account.
Build hundreds of new followers on Instragram every day.
Feel comfortable in the face of failure in your attempts to grow your audience online.
What is the target audience?
Entrepreneurs seeking inspiration to learn a new social media marketing platform.
Facebook users thinking about launching a business on Facebook and creating a Facebook page.
YouTubers hoping to get more views, minutes watched, and subscribers.
Professionals on LinkedIn hoping to get a better job and advance a career.
Fashionistas trying to sell products and share new ideas on Pinterest.
New Instagram users looking for a strategy to build followers.
Local business owners trying to understand how to get found in search results.

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