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22 Weird And Out Of The Box Tricks To Stick Out In Your Subscribers Inbox Like A Sore Thumb
Having an email list to keep in touch with your subscribers and customers is one of the main components of any effective online marketing campaign. But if your subscribers aren’t opening your emails, what’s the point of even sending them out?
If you’ve been tracking your email campaigns with analytics, only to realize that the majority of the emails you send out are never opened, this course will teach you how to change that.
Through easy-to-follow instruction, you’ll discover 22 out-of-the-box tricks that you can use, regardless of your experience level, to entice subscribers to open every email you send.
Boost the Effectiveness of Any Email Marketing Campaign
In order for your email marketing plan to work on increasing your profits, you need to make sure that your emails will actually be opened and read.
It may seem as though you have no control over whether or not people open your emails, but the truth is that there are actually some tricks that you can use to increase your success.
This course will not only show you how to get people to open and read your emails, but also how to encourage your subscribers to look forward to what you have coming next.
Course Content
After a brief introduction, you’ll move through a couple of autoresponder recommendations that will help you improve any email campaign.
Next, you’ll dive right into the 22 tricks that you can start implementing right away to get more opens and conversions from every email that gets sent to your mailing list.
These tricks are designed to work on any campaign, and you can use them whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced marketing professional.
You’ll cover a variety of easy-to-implement tactics that include the K.I.S.S. Trick, the Gratitude Trick, the Celebrity Trick, and the Cliffhanger Trick. You’ll even learn how to write subject lines that really work. By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll know what it takes to get more opens from the emails that you send so you can make every marketing campaign a success.

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