2014 UNTAPPED Traffic Sources - Two High Converting Traffic Sources Revealed
2014 UNTAPPED Traffic Sources – Two High Converting Traffic Sources Revealed: Dirt Cheap Report Reveals Two Unsaturated High Converting Ad Networks. Drive High Converting Traffic…High EPCs. No More Unprofitable Campaigns. Find How Top Paid Affiliates Are Driving Their Traffic
Did you know there are two sources of untapped paid traffic sources you can use right now?
My name is Tommy Lee, and I’ve been an affiliate marketer for several years now.
I found my first success during the “Google Cash” days of Google Adwords. Some of you may remember those times. You could make a lot of money by direct linking a Clickbank offer. And with lots of testing, you could have a proven landing page that converted like crazy.
And traffic was super cheap compared to the CPC prices we see on Adwords these days.
Anyway, like many people, I mistakenly had “all my eggs in one basket”. I was making a very good living until Google suspended my Adwords account.

Of course, I tried making new accounts and even bought new accounts from certain providers. But they didn’t last long because Google effectively had new, strict rules in accepting campaigns.
No longer could we link to sales letters and thin affiliate sites.
Today is a different story. I mainly drive traffic using certain PPV networks. LeadImpact, TrafficVance, and two networks you’ll find in this report.

They aren’t AdOnNetwork, MediaTraffic, 50Onred or DirectCPV. They’re far less known and used than them.
They are a different kind of PPV.
Getting A Paid Traffic Campaign To Work Takes A Lot Of Work
Succeeding with paid traffic campaigns isn’t as easy as before. Now you’ll need to do a lot of variable testing to get that combination of landing page, offer, keywords, geo targeting and even day parting to be profitable.
But these two networks have allowed me to create profitable direct linking campaigns that work like the Google Cash days. Where there isn’t huge volumes of traffic, the traffic converts well. Sometimes too well.
[list][*]Testing paid traffic can cost a lot of money[*]Getting a profitable ROI can be frustrating[*]Many times the traffic isn’t quality enough to convert

That is really frustrating. You do all that hard work for nothing.
And I admit. I’ve been there many times too. I know how it feels to fail campaign after campaign.
But it’s not your fault.
There’s Too Much Rehashed Information
It seems that a lot of the paid traffic products that come out are just rehashed information. Most of the time the traffic networks “shared” are 7Search, Bing Ads, and the two largest PPV networks LeadImpact and TrafficVance.
I’m sure you’ve bought some of these products and while they are good information for newbies starting out, they aren’t what you need.
Wouldn’t it be nice to create a direct linking campaign, and start profiting in less than a week?

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