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Think Penny Stocks are too risky to touch?
Wait until you hear how I turned $12,415 into $2 million all within a few years (UPDATE: As of June 2009, I’m up 360% in the last 18 months making me the top raked trader out of 25,000+ on Covestor…and my PennyStocking DVD students account for nearly 1/4 of the top 100!) a by trading thousands upon thousands of these tiny companies without using any leverage.
And I’m not even that good of a trader–I’ve always been too greedy and undisciplined for my own good.
Imagine knowing exactly what to do, but never having the patience to wait for all the right variables to align.
Tt’s maddening–I’ve made millions, but I’ve also left many millions more on the table.

It was almost inevitable that constant lack of discipline would catch up to me as I lost 1/3 of my assets on one stock that stubbornly held onto for 2 years.
Wait, I’m publicly admitting to a huge loss? Yes, that’s right, as you’ll soon discover, I hold nothing back.
I’m tired of all the BullShip marketing programs out there that have given Penny Stocks such a bad reputation.
I bring up these losses to show you that I’ve experienced both the ups AND downs of Penny Stocks and that’s why I believe I’m uniquely qualified to show you ALL the risks and rewards associated with this market.
Don’t trade or invest in another Penny Stock until you watch this DVD, I can help you avoid the many pitfalls I’ve encountered over the past decade of my trading career.
No other instructional DVD is so raw and honest because few people have the guts to bare it all. No other Wall Streeter is willing to detail all their greatest successes and failures to help people learn and that’s sad.
Thanks to the success of my TV show and the many, many spiteful comments written about me, I can take it all because I really have nothing to hide.

I hope to usher in a new age in the finance world, one that is filled with total transparency and learning.
Big dreams, but I think it’s possible.
While my losses have been very painful, they’ve also taught me more about Penny Stocks than my gains ever did.
If I had made this DVD before I had suffered any losses, it wouldn’t be very helpful–it would probly be dangerous for you.
Only now, through my firsthand experiences, do I truly understand that the key to success is controlling your losses to prevent ANY chance of ever having to take a large loss.
Sounds pretty obvious, right? Trust me, it’s not as easy in real life.
But, for all my mistakes, and there have been many, I’m still worth over $500,000 so I can still trade my beloved Penny Stocks and that’s what counts.
and considering 90-95% of all trader lose, I’m doing alright.

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